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New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson rewards fan's loyalty on first day of training camp

19-year-old got to watch practice with Tom and Gayle Benson and meet the team


New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and his wife Gayle made a fan's 19th birthday even more special Friday when he invited him to watch practice with them as a reward for being the first fan in line to watch the team's opening practice.

"Today was so much more than I expected! I've only been here since 12 a.m., and I've had people bring me a cake. They even played a prank on me! When I blew the candles out, they came right back on, lit back up! People are just showing me the love of the city and such tremendous hospitality. I'm walking by, and they're all just yelling happy birthday," Anthony Ramirez told reporter Jennifer Hale in a story posted Friday.

"I'm literally standing here with the owner of my favorite team. I could cry right now - I was crying over there. My voice is shaking. I don't know what to say - except 'Can I have a hug please?'"
In addition to scoring a hug from the Bensons, the now 19-year-old Ramirez got to meet Saints coaches and players.

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