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New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots postgame quotes: Malcolm Jenkins, Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill

All three played big roles in Saints' 28-13 victory over Patriots

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins

On his pick-six:

"They actually ran the same play I believe a couple of drives earlier, and Demario Davis made a good stop. They were trying to sneak the tight end on the back side and I ended up getting picked actually by my own teammate. So I just rushed up to my coverage and the ball got tipped up in the air and I was able to come down with it."

On the defense's potential:

"I think we're finding out that we are the strength of our team. And we're going to have to play big in order for our team to have success. That's just the identity and the formula that seems to be working for us. We're real stingy on defense, we take the ball away, we give our offense opportunities. Then when we get our special teams contributing as well like they have. We're going to be hard to beat. We think the heart of our team is going to be is on our defense."

On the difference of the defense from last year:

"I think last year on paper we had the potential to be good. This year we know we're good. So the thing for us is, how do we consistently put out the best versions of ourselves week-in and week-out? That's what we're trying to get to. We know how good we are, from an individual personal standpoint to a unit standpoint. Our challenge is how do we show up with the best versions of ourselves every single week? Because our team is going to need us to do that."

Saints running back Alvin Kamara

On getting nine touches in the first 13 plays and if the Saints were setting a tone early by establishing the run:

"Yeah Sean (Payton) said it earlier in the week, he wanted to win the running battle. He didn't care, he wanted to protect the ball and win the rushing battle. I think we came out and went run heavy and it stuck throughout the game."

On the increase in his touches to start the season and how he accepts that role:

"I'm cool with it. I have always said that whenever the ball comes to me, however it comes to me, I will take advantage of the touches. I think the thing is just making sure they are quality and good looks and I think that when the situation comes for it, they are the right calls. But I am fine, I am good. I am healthy and I am seeing everything well so I feel good about the touches."

On Taysom Hill being used in a "closer role" in the running game:

"I don't think it is a closer role I think it was just Sean going in and pulling some more tricks out of his hat. You know Taysom Hill is always ready. He ran the ball well and we closed it out, it was a good win."

Saints quarterback Taysom Hill

On the team's performance:

"I can tell you, the mind-set is just to win. I think sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the numbers, but you've got to play the game and play the situation. Throughout my career, it's the team that manages the situations the best that wins the game. It's all about winning and if the defense is creating turnovers like that, it's what you do."

On what the team learned about itself being on the road the last three weeks:

"I think we proved that we can handle a lot of chaos. If you play in the NFL long enough, you are going to have trials, you're going to have different things that come up. What shows a good, resilient team is how you handle chaos and difficult situations. This goes from the top down, from management to the equipment guy, our trainers, everyone is all in. We have a really resilient team that knows what it takes to know how to prepare to play a football game no matter where."

On the team's confidence in putting together long drives at the end of the game:

"Absolutely. That is a tough deal in the NFL when you've got these heavy defensive fronts and you can put together a drive like that. I don't remember what the time frame was – eight-or nine-minute drive, something like that, and you can go and score. That creates a lot of energy and momentum for us as a team, as an offense, so that's huge. It was great drive."

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