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New Orleans Saints/Louisiana National Guard high school coach of the week is Jay Roth

Roth coaches the Rummel Raiders

The New Orleans Saints/ Louisiana National Guard Coach of the Week goes to Jay Roth of Rummel High School.

On Saturday, Oct. 18 the two-time defending state champion Rummel faced the motivated St. Augustine Purple Knights in Tad Gormley Stadium. With a lackluster first half performance, Coach Roth and the Raiders exploded in the second half and scored 21 points in the third quarter. Awakened in the second half Rummel cruised to a 35-6 victory. Congrats to Coach Roth and his 7-0 Raiders as they look to finish the season strong.

To see the full story of Coach Roth please watch Outside the Huddle this Thursday, 6 p.m. central on CST.

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