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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Nov 27

    <span style="">                 <span style="">New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton</span>                
            <span style="">Friday, November 27, 2009</span>                   
            <span style="">Opening Statement/Participation:</span> Reggie Bush (knee) was limited. Jon Vilma (knee) was limited. Bobby McCray (knee and back) was limited. Jonathan Goodwin (ankle) was limited. Randall Gay (hamstring) was limited. Jabari Greer (groin) was limited. The following players did not practice: Lance Moore (ankle), Tracy Porter (knee), and Carl Nicks (illness). Most of today was nickel work, third down, much like it would be on a normal Thursday. We're kind of in that routine where tomorrow we'll be working on our red zone, goal line, short yardage.   

Q: Does Nicks have the flu?

A: Stomach-related.

Q: Does Sedrick Ellis' absence from the list mean he will play?

A: He's not on the list.

Q: Can you talk about the different schedule of practice this week?

A: I think the difference with a schedule on the week of Thanksgiving, you're crammed a little bit with a Sunday game, this game falling on a Monday, kind of gave us an extra day, the short week will come next week then. From a scheduling standpoint, it's worked out pretty well.

Q: How big of a lift is it to have Sedrick Ellis back?

A: To get a starter back I think it's important. It was close last week. He's a guy that's played well for us really on before the injury, so certainly when you get a guy like that on your defense, it's important.

Q: How much did you get to pick Bill Belichick's brain when he was the AFC Pro Bowl Coach after the 2006 season?

A: For a week you're over in the Pro Bowl and you really get a chance to meet a lot of players that you've seen and really never had a chance to be around. Their staff coached the AFC and we had the NFC, so it was a good opportunity for the staffs to visit. We spent a day where we went out on three different boats. We kind of split guys up. It's a much different environment over there. It was good. It was the first time to really have the chance to know someone. For me as a young coach, an opportunity to ask questions and really spend time with someone who's had a great career.

Q: What will getting Sedrick Ellis back mean to the middle of your defensive front?

A: Just like I was saying earlier, I think you have a starter that comes back to your defense. Anytime you're able to get a starter back in your lineup, that's a good thing.

Q: Would you say he'll be in the lineup, or he'll start?

A: We'll see.

Q: You didn't ask Bill Belichick about cutting off his sleeves or anything like that?

A: No. It's a good week. Obviously it's a tough week because you came off a tough loss before the Super Bowl, but you get a chance to really work with some elite players, coach some real good players and just be around them, everybody's at the same hotel and really get to know a lot of the players in the league and coaches as well. In Bill's case, that was good for us.

Q: Is there anything specific you can take from that meeting with Bill?

A: Nothing specific. There are certain things you can ask about schedules and how they do things, how they prepare during the week in regards to the offseason, just the little nuances that you're interested to see how some other teams practice and how other teams set up their game preparation, their work week. Like I said, it was a good experience for me.

Q: Is that the last time you guys spent time together?

A: Probably so. We haven't played them obviously. You see your peers at the combine, Senior Bowls, some events like that. That was a chance for a week to really spend some time together.

Q: The Pro Bowl doesn't count as the first time coaching against him?

A: This is the first time as a head coach that our staff's had a chance to go against the Patriots.

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