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New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about Tuesday's practice

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton's Post-Practice Media Availability Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013

Opening statement:
"Today, was a two-minute emphasis. We will go back again this afternoon and spend a lot of time this week on that specific area. Kenyon Coleman left practice. We are going to evaluate him, with a chest injury. Any questions?"

Do you have any news on Joseph Morgan?

"Nothing new right now. I will let you guys know when I know something."

Is there any interest in giving more preseason snaps to guys like Will Smith than you normally would who are in new defensive positions or does health trump all of that stuff?

"I think you have to be careful about where they are at. We are trying to keep a pitch count on some of those guys. Will would be one of those guys. He is a smart player, but especially early on here, we are trying to get a lot of these guys some snaps and making sure we are not giving too many to a guy like him with his experience."

Are you coaching the rule with the ball carrier, runners, using their helmet?

"We had this discussion. Not a lot. We spent time on it with the officials back when they were here, last week. I will bet that if you rounded up all of the snaps, you would find less than eight in a whole year. There are lot of things that have to be in place, in space, head on, leading with the crown. Certainly, it is something we have talked about. Now, are we drilling it, no, but to an extent, we are coaching it. When they get the chance to see the examples, but you will notice in the examples, you see the same plays over and over again. You are talking about the same three, not 13. It is something that doesn't happen a lot, and yet, we have to be smart enough, particularly with lowering that head the way those examples showed because that is something that is certainly dangerous with regards to the players' health."

Were you for the change, coach?

"For us, just knowing how few times it happens. We didn't look at it as something significant."

Do you anticipate doing any goal line work in the first preseason game or throughout training camp in general?

"We typically always do. I don't think it will be before the first preseason game, but probably the week after we will have a goal line day that has more snaps."

It seemed to be a good offensive day with Drew Brees and Marques Colston back out there. Did you see some nice things?

"It was back and forth. I thought defensively we did really well in the two minute with the two stops by the first group. I thought, much like a lot of training camps, it kind of goes back and forth. I think the consistency is something that we are lacking right now. There are too many assignment errors, too many detailed things, which is fairly typical out here in the second week. We have a lot of work to do to clean some of this stuff up before we play our first preseason game Friday night. That is kind of where the focus is and working on performing when you are tired and hot here, later in practice."

Travaris Cadet jumped onto the scene last year. He played really well and surprised a lot of people. Did you have different expectations for him this year, coming in as a guy that has been in the system?

"I don't know that they were different. I think that the key for us all is just to be able to evaluate the player and what his strengths and weaknesses are, how he is as a runner. I know last year, he kind of flipped position groups. I think settling in and playing just the one position group all offseason and into training camp is going to help him a little bit more in regards to the traditional role of running back. He has good hands, and he has a good feel for running rounds."

What were the main factors in bringing Chris Carr in?

"It was depth and having a veteran player that understands defense and has had snaps. We had a few guys work out, but we decided to go with him."

What about with special teams?

"Yeah that was part of it, but mainly, his workout was good. We felt like he had flexibility with what he could do position wise. We felt like he was a smart player. That was one thing we knew, prior to the workout."

Do you expect Jonathan Vilma back soon?

"He will practice this afternoon. Yes, to answer your question."

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