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Transcript: New Orleans quarterback Teddy Bridgewater Postgame Quotes | Saints-Bears 2019 Week 7

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater


Opening statement:
"It's a great feeling being able to come to Soldier Field and walk away with a victory. We knew coming into this game it was about attitude. When you look at the scoreboard, you look at the stat sheet, you know, you watch the tape, you see nothing but attitude from our guys. It started up front. We knew it was going to be a physical battle. We knew how tough their defense was. We had heard about it all week. We just knew that we had to play a physical game and we did just that today."

To do it without Alvin Kamara and Jared Cook, does that make it even more impressive for this team to do and to keep surviving despite all the injuries?
"I'll say this team knows how to survive, and that's what it's all about, having those survival skills. We do a great job just being able to step right in if we have to and try to fill voids. But it was an overall team effort today and I'm glad we came up with the win."

How different is it without Alvin out there?
"It's a big difference, I'd say. When you talk about a guy who can change a game the way he can. But we have guys who were able to step in and carry the load if we need them to. You watched Latavius Murray today and what he was able to do, and hats off to those guys, our coaching staff, just continue to draw up different ways for us to win football games. Like I said, our offensive line, hats off to those guys. It was a physical game, they did a great job opening holes for our backs to run freely. And even coming out of the backfield catching the ball Latavius had a great game. It's great to have a guy like that who can step in, even if we're missing one piece. Speaks highly of the team."

What was (indiscernible) get to Justin coming out of the locker room in that first drive? And was that kind of the floodgate opened up for you guys up offensively?
"You could say that. We just have to do a better job of starting fast. If we can play fast with tempo, we're unstoppable. We have to continue to take pride in being the most in-shape team. And as you can see throughout the course of the game, as the game went on, we were able to wear and tear on those guys and open holes for our running backs and our receivers made plays in the second half we made some adjustments and came out playing fast and it worked for us."

Play calling the fullback option and (inaudible). Said the play call was really creative on that drive.
"Coach and those guys do a great job just finding different ways to put us in a position to have success, and it was a third down situation. And we knew that we were going to get a favorable look. Zach did a great job of making it easy for Taysom to receive the pitch and Taysom did the rest. And you look at us and we have the different personnel's and different formations and things like that. All it's doing is putting us in a position to succeed. And you watch Taysom and catch an option out of the backfield and watch him catch a screen for a touchdown and lines up at quarterback. So, the more we can do with all of our guys, it's beneficial to us."

Describe where this team's confidence is at right now?
"I'd say we have a ton of confidence. We play this game with confidence. We take pride in having confidence around here. And you watch our defense, they're flying around. I think at one point in the game it held Chicago to four first downs. If you can do that on the defensive side of the ball, all that does is just continue to give the offense more confidence like, man, if we can just score 21 points, our defense will do the rest. But you look at us overall offensively, defensively and kicking game, I think we're playing complete football right now. Of course, it's not as pretty as we like it to be. But it's working for us, we're winning. We know there's always room for improvement."

If I told you six weeks ago this team would be 5-0 with this quarterback what would your response be?
"I don't know how I would have responded, but I knew it was going to be a challenge for us these past couple of weeks. You talk about three out of five wins come against three playoff teams from last year. So, to do that, two of them being on the road, that's pretty impressive. Speaks highly of this team. It's all about the team. We're preparing each week. We're trusting our preparation. Going out there on the football field and letting it rip."

There were some instances seemed you had forever to throw, your offensive line in this game, especially against players this big up front, what would you say about how they played in this game?
"When you can rush for 150 yards against a defense like that and you can throw the ball for over 150 yards on a defense like that speaks highly of the guys up front. They're the ones who are making this all happen. They're opening the rush lanes for the runners to run the ball, they're giving me time to sit back there and get the ball to the playmakers. I don't think those guys get enough credit and we're proud of those guys. We're glad they're on our team. We just want to continue to get better moving forward."

There was one play in the fourth quarter you dropped back, it seemed like you had about seven seconds, do you remember that play?
"Yeah. They rushed three guys, so just trying to buy a little time. Hopefully one of our guys could make one of their guys fall or something like that. When you get in a situation like that, you try to hold the ball. We know we have good double teams on the three guys that are rushing. I just try to find them down field. They covered it all and I got Latavius in the flats."

You and Latavius being former NFC North guys, do you talk about coming to this stadium again?
"Last night I mentioned to the guys that this division is known as the black-and-blue division. They take pride in being the most physical team and take pride in running the football. And just told the guys it was going to be a physical game. Our guys, we were the most physical team, I'd say. We were able to come away, rush the ball for 150 yards, throw for over 250 yards. I say the message was received well and we came away with a victory."

Do you think Drew's coming back soon?
"That's something I can't speak on. Right now, I just try to focus on getting better each and every day and try to find different ways to help this team win football games."

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