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New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons raise $600,000 in 50/50 Raffle in partnership with NFL Foundation

Contributions will go towards Team Gleason and Tackle ALS

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The the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons set aside their fierce rivalry to come together for a greater cause. The teams successfully hosted a 50/50 raffle initiative during their head-to-head matchups this past season with the charitable proceeds directly benefiting Team Gleason and Tackle ALS and its efforts to find a cure for ALS.

Fans had a unique opportunity to contribute to the missions of NFL Legends Tim Green and Steve Gleason, whose work in the fight against ALS have inspired millions. Each foundation will receive $250,000 from the teams' efforts. The NFL Foundation also pledged its support by contributing an additional $100,000 to this noble cause, making the total amount raised $600,000.

The NFL Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the National Football League, has a history of supporting various charitable initiatives; and their contribution, alongside both teams, will help make a significant impact in the ALS community.

The funds raised by the Falcons and the Saints along with the contribution by the NFL will play a crucial role in advancing research, providing patient support, and raising awareness for ALS. Tim Green's Tackle ALS charity and the Team Gleason Foundation are at the forefront of these efforts; and the generosity of fans, players and communities from Atlanta and New Orleans will significantly bolster their impactful work and hopefully inspire others to get involved in charitable causes.


"This collaboration transcends the rivalry on the field," said Tim Green, Atlanta Falcons Legend and Tackle ALS Founder "The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints have shown the world the profound impact sports can have on meaningful causes. The response from our fans has been overwhelming, showcasing the power of unity for the greater good."

"ALS doesn't discriminate, and neither does the power of collective action. This alliance exemplifies the triumph of humanity over rivalry, and we are deeply grateful for the support from both fanbases in our mission to tackle ALS and enhance the lives of those affected." added Steve Gleason, New Orleans Saints Legend and Team Gleason Founder.

For more information about the Tackle ALS  and Team Gleason organizations, please visit and

About Tackle ALS
Tackle ALS was started in 2018 by former Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Tim Green in partnership with the Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Tackle ALS is not a foundation, so every dollar donated goes directly to MGH. Tackle ALS and the Healey & AMG Center are dedicated to the critically important global initiative to accelerate bringing scientific discoveries to ALS patients through innovative trial approaches. Increasing access to effective treatments for people with ALS is a primary shared goal. Identifying effective therapies during these trials brings us closer to FDA approval and the opportunity to make a difference for individuals living with ALS, and our ultimate goal of finding the cures. To learn more please visit 

About Team Gleason
Founded by former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason after his ALS diagnosis in 2011, Team Gleason is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). At its core, the foundation is on a mission to deliver innovative technology and essential equipment, all while empowering a higher quality of life for those affected by ALS. As the largest provider of technology to the ALS community, Team Gleason stands at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions that are making a profound impact on the lives of those facing the challenges of this relentless disease.

For more information on how you can support Team Gleason and help individuals with ALS lead productive, purposeful, and meaningful lives, please visit

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