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New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills Postgame Comments

    <span style="">                 <span style="">Head Coach Sean Payton</span>                  
            <span style="">General Comments:</span>                   

"We challenged the front on defense and I thought we really responded. Obviously, when it was tough early in the first half and we were having trouble moving the ball with consistency, the one thing we got was pressure. We got real good defensive effort and I think we held them to 11 three-and-outs, seven sacks, so I was real pleased with how we responded. Credit Buffalo – this is a tough place to come play. It's a team with a lot of pride and it's a good team, well-coached. I'm pleased that we fought through it, and I thought we ran the ball pretty well, especially in the second half, and we got a big win."

On Pierre Thomas:
"He had a little flu bug and you noticed in pregame, he wasn't out there. We were trying to get him hydrated so I just wanted to see where he was at. In the second he felt good enough and we started getting him some touches. We were getting some nickel defense to our regular personnel – if you watch it, you'll see some snaps where there are five DBs to our base, so we felt like we wanted to come out and run it a little bit more in the second half - Especially in the third quarter, going into the wind a little bit."

On Defensive Play:
"The one thing we knew, and certainly gave us confidence in our play callers, was our defense. They had the touchdown on the fake field goal, but I was really proud of the way they played. That's a good win on the road. We have to clean up penalties – we had nine, they had more than us, but that's too many penalties and something we've got to do a better job with next week."

On QB Pressure:
"They're a no huddle team and we made a big emphasis this week on the defensive line and I felt like we had an edge in that area. We challenged them and I was really pleased as the game went out, how we controlled the line of scrimmage. As we progressed through the third quarter into the fourth, we began winning individual battles, and I think that was evident."

How do you control emotions, with 3-0 record?
"I think we've got a veteran team and understand that each week presents another challenge. We're going to play a real good football team this upcoming weekend – we'll enjoy this one for 24 hours, but there's a lot we've got to clean up here. There were some mistakes that happened today, some minus plays. We'll get back and just work on getting better for the next week, and that's really the key – trying to make the improvements week in and week out."

Did you like winning a low-scoring game?
"I think when we play in the elements, we're not really interested in style points. We're interested in winning and that's our job. I thought they're defensive front did a good job, especially in the first half – really effective getting push on our pocket and collapsing our pocket. I thought the big possession in the game was the long drive to start the third quarter – I know it ended on their end of the field with a punt, but we really changed field position by probably 90 yards. I thought that was an important drive in the game."

On Offensive Line:
"As the game went on, they began opening up the holes. We gave up some hurries in protection but we did a good job and were able to rush the ball today - Especially in the second half to close out a team, and those are all positive."

On Shutting Down Terrell Owens:
"Usually it starts with how you affect the quarterback and I think we had him a little under duress and I think it becomes harder to play that position."

On Handling Bills No-Huddle:
"I thought we got used to the tempo and it's something that always takes a little bit of time. But, once Jon and those guys started to get a feel of how it was operating, I thought we handled it real well."

New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer

On holding T.O. in check
"It was a total team effort. We just wanted to come back because we knew how these guys play. We didn't fall back or let up. We showed great resilience. The defensive line got on the quarterback and the linebackers secured tackles. It was great to get a win. But it was better given the way the defense and offense played."

On being named honorary captain today
"It was fun. It was a great experience to get to see Lee (Evans) and Trent (Edwards) out there. It was fun."

On the overall defense
"The defensive line got pressure and the linebackers tackled like I said before. One big play often oversees the game and we were able to create that today."

On T.O.'s 185 game streak being snapped
"We weren't focused on that. We knew he was a threat. We went out there and made it happen and I'm proud of these guys. There were other guys we knew could hurt us like Fred Jackson. We wanted to shut him down. That's where we started. We didn't give Owens more attention than he deserved."

New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter

On the game:
"We created turnovers, put pressure on the quarterback and didn't allow a touchdown. And we came out with a victory."

On holding Bills WR Terrell Owens to 0 receptions:
"It's always a victory for us when we can take away one of their top receivers. We didn't let him get any catches and that had a lot to do with getting pressure on the QB (Trent Edwards). They were forced to check down a lot. That was a victory for us."

On being modest:
"We like to work behind the scenes if you will. The offense can have the spotlight. We're just concerned with the scoreboard. As long as we're winning, we'll take it. If someone is going to get credit it might as well be the offense."

New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith

On Gregg Williams getting a game ball:
"It was a great moment. He puts in a lot of time and work. He has to get us prepared to play every week. He came back to Buffalo and we were able to get him a victory."

On being one of his most dominating defensive efforts
"Well I think it ranks up there. In a way it was a shutout because defensively we didn't give up a point. We shut down T.O. and got some offensive support. We can't give it too much thought we need to move on."

On the defense being in spotlight instead of offense
"Well we made plays. That was it. We don't mind not getting the recognition we kind of lay in the weeds and sneak up on people. We're happy to have a great offense that backs us up."

On the Jets
They won today, so it should be real fun next week. It'll be a true test of where we are.

S Darren Sharper
On continuing to win
"We'd like to say that we're going to go undefeated but that's really hard to do. For now we need to enjoy it and move ahead."

On the Jets next week
"First off, I don't even know if they won. Oh, they did win. Well it'll be a battle of a couple of 3-0 records."

On the Superdome
"The dome should be rocking. It's always rocking but with two undefeated teams early in the season it should be fun."

MLB Jonathan Vilma

On the pressure of preparing for the Bills no huddle offense:
"The pressure was really the mental pressure of getting everybody lined up, making sure everybody had the call, the last thing I wanted was nine or ten guys playing the call, two guys not playing it or getting the call so, I wanted to make sure the guys got lined up; that was the biggest challenge and then from there, we played ball. I think it showed we had a great time out there, everybody was having fun, the Bills have a very good offense, they put points up against New England, they put points up against their previous opponent Tampa Bay, oh man they killed Tampa Bay, so that was a good win for us."

On what defensive accomplishment he is most proud of from today's win:
"I'm most proud of the shut out defensively. I'm most proud of that. You're judged on how many points you give up and today we gave up no points. There could have been times where we had seven sacks, you know, stopped the run, stopped the pass but if they hit on a big long one to T.O. all of a sudden it's a game, so I'm excited that we didn't give up any points."

On not giving the Bills any long plays on offense:
"Yeah that's good for us and that's one of the things we preach. We don't want to give up the long ball, we want to stifle the run, not give up the long ball and I think we did that today."

On whether or not the defensive game plan was more exotic then the previous two weeks:
"You know, I don't think it was anymore exotic, I think it was the way the game was going, the flow of the game, where it called for our corners blitzing and it called for us running different packages and giving disguises and things like that. It's just the way the game goes and I would say that during the week Gregg is going to call what he's going to call based on how the game is going."

QB Drew Brees

On today's win:
"I think you go a week and all that is being talked about is two offenses, our offense and the no huddle offense of the Bills and that is enough to get a couple defenses fired up. I think that is pretty much the way the game went for the first three quarters. Our defense played extremely well and their defense made it tough on us. What I am most proud of is the fact that our defense played outstanding. They got us a few turnovers and they just played with such a great attitude. Every time they stepped on the field they just felt like they were going to shut everyone out. I can't even tell you how many three and out's they had, but it was unbelievable. Obviously once we get in the fourth quarter and it's still 10-7, offensively we're thinking we need to close this out. Our defense is playing their butt off and we need to do something. That is when the Pierre (Thomas) show began. I can't say enough about him and what he fought through today, being sick, battling through injuries, he is a warrior. The offensive line did a tremendous job opening up those holes. His fullback Heath Evans did a tremendous job."

On being patient on offense throughout the game today:
"We understood coming up here and playing a team like Buffalo, a physical team, in an environment like this, at times you're going to play the field position game. We talked about that and we said if we're not going to score points, then we're going to pin them back inside their twenty, we're going to get a few first downs, rush the ball a little bit, let's give our defense a rest, and if it's not there we're not going to force it. The last thing you want to do is give a team like this a short field because they are very good offensively when you are able to do that for them. So let's make them work for every play they get today. I felt like for the most part our offense did a pretty good job today. We had that fumble inside their territory so it didn't give them a short field, but other than that our defense played tremendous."

On playing in close games:
"This is a game in the past unfortunately that would have not gone our way. We caught the lucky breaks but I think that most of all it's the attitude. We understood once we got in the fourth quarter it's a 10-7 game, offensively our attitude was every time we touch the ball we're going down and scoring points. We ended up scoring 17 points in the fourth quarter and that was due to good field position, defense stopping on fourth down, us getting in the huddle and saying let's finish this thing just like we talked about."

On his passing game and any outside elements affecting it:
"No I don't' think so. It just never felt like we were in a rhythm. After that first drive it felt like it was a good mix of run and pass. We were able to get the first touchdown to open the game but then we got down inside their territory on the next drive and threw it away on third and fourth. In the first three series we were able to get in their territory and then we stalled a little bit, couldn't find our rhythm whether it was penalties or miscommunication and a lot of self inflicted stuff, but I need to hand it to them I felt like they had a good game plan and really played us tough."

On the team win today:
"It says a lot about this team. This was a great overall team win. It came down to the fourth quarter. We basically beat them 17-0 in the fourth quarter. You talk about finishing games guys stepping up and making plays that need to be made at the end of the game and guys did that for us today in every phase today, especially in the fourth quarter."

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