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New Orleans Saints and Peoples Health pledge donation to Bastion

Saints, Peoples Health to match the charitable portion of the 50/50 jackpot from November 5.

New Orleans Saints players and staff attend a service opportunity at Bastion, a local community, aiming to serve veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces on November 7, 2017.

The New Orleans Saints announced today that the charitable proceeds of the 50/50 Raffle from Sunday's game against Tampa Bay (11/5) in collaboration with Second Harvest will be donated to Bastion. Bastion is a local nonprofit organization building intentionally designed neighborhoods for returning veterans and their families.

"Having the community come together in any capacity and bridge the military-civilian divide is what Bastion is about," said Development Director of Bastion Lauren Bowman. "These acts of support connect us and encourage our warriors to keep pushing forward in their transition back to civilian life."

The jackpot from the 50/50 raffle was $101,680 which was the largest amount raised since the raffle's inception (2016). The Saints and Peoples Health have agreed to match the charitable portion of the jackpot and donate it to Bastion.

"We are proudly giving this donation to Bastion and we also like to thank our great fans for participating in the raffle and the overwhelming support they continue to show our veterans," said New Orleans Saints President Dennis Lauscha. "This past week, our players and staff had the opportunity to volunteer in the Bastion Community and it was an incredible experience. We look forward to supporting future events that benefit veterans and their families."

"There's nothing more exciting than having 80,000 people watch our promotional video and then shatter the record for highest earned 50/50 raffle in the history of the New Orleans Saints," said Executive Director and Founder of Bastion Dylan Tête. "This funding will be used to support strategies and services that optimize resilience and community integration for our returning warriors and families. Thanks to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket, Peoples Health, and our extended family at the New Orleans Saints."

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