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New Orleans Saints 2017 season recap: Marshon Lattimore

The rookie added much needed depth to the secondary

Hopes were high for the Ohio State Buckeye when the Saints picked him in the first round. After only a few games, the Saints knew what a valuable asset they had just added to their secondary. In his rookie season, Marshon Lattimore played in 13 games, had 52 total tackles and led the Saints in interceptions (5) and passes defensed (18).

BEST GAME:Lattimore's best statistical game came in week 6 against the Detroit Lions when Lattimore had five tackles, two pass deflections, one fumble recovery, one interception and one 27-yard touchdown. However, the rookie's most notable game came much later in week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons. Lattimore had five total tackles, four pass deflections, and one butt-ception. The jaw-dropping moment came in the second quarter just before the half. Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan threw a 20-yard pass to his wide receiver, Marvin Hall, who bobbled the pass. Hall dropped the pass, unaware of where the ball went, little did he know, the ball had landed on Lattimore's upper hamstring. With a valiant effort by Marcus Williams and Craig Robertson, Lattimore was able to pin the ball to his leg and secure the ball, resulting in an interception. This play was not only stunning but also a pivotal point in the game.

In his rookie season, Lattimore was voted the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Month in December, and Rookie of the Week in Week 6 – (Lions), Week 8 (Bears), Week 15 (Jets), Week 16 (Falcons). The top rated cornerback was also selected to the 2018 Pro Bowl team.


"I'm not surprised at all, he's just reaping the benefits of hard work and staying disciplined and just doing his job, ultimately. He has really good technique and I feel he knows how to play the position real well. And he's only getting better." Michael Thomas on Marshon Lattimore


See the best moments from Saints rookie cornerback Marshon Lattimore throughout the 2017 season.

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