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Navy officer Malorie Gallagher reunited with family prior to kickoff of Saints-Cowboys game

She has been stationed in Japan for the last six months

Before the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys kicked off Sunday night, Navy Petty Officer Malorie Gallagher was reunited with her family.

Gallagher is a Louisiana native who is stationed in Jacksonville, Fla., and has been deployed in Japan for the last six months. She entered a letter in a contest sponsored by the American Red Cross in conjunction with the Saints to win tickets for her family to Sunday night's military appreciation game.

Her father, Jim Gallagher III, sister Kecia Grior along with her husband Roger and their children Emma and Preston were being honored before the national anthem. As they were waving to fans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, they looked down and were surprised to see Gallagher walking up the stairs toward them.

"It was great to finally get them back for everything they've done for me," Gallagher said smiling at her sister. "It's good to be home."

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