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Morten Andersen talks about election into Pro Football Hall of Fame

Transcript of Andersen's interview Saturday night

Saints legend Morten Andersen was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017 at the NFL Awards show.

Morten Andersen on what it was like getting the knock at the door, and the fact that it's been a long time since a kicker was inducted into the Hall of Fame:
"Twenty-five years, I believe. I asked my wife, while we we're in the room with some friends, 'That's an awful loud knock for room service. Is this a club sandwich?' Dave (Baker), you didn't have a club sandwich, but it was sure a nice alternative. It was very emotional – crying L.T. (LaDainian Tomlinson), I agree. We shed a few tears, and I'm tremendously humbled and excited to be in this class. Congratulations to everyone, it's pretty mind blowing right now, I'm kind of floating, if you don't mind."

On what he knew about football coming from Denmark, and what it means for the country:
"It's going to be huge, there's no question. I think the Crown Prince texted me (joking). I don't know, maybe not. That would be kind of cool. I didn't know anything about football when I came in 1977 and barely spoke the language. It happened very fast, watched the jamboree games in the metal bleachers, watched the quarterback-center exchange and said I don't want to be that guy, or that guy. You have a big guy in tight pants bending over and then you have a small guy in equally tight pants going up behind him and I said, 'No. No.' They said you just have to kick and run off the field, and that's what I did for 25 or 30 years. It just happened very quickly. Foot-to-ball and pick up the check, I guess. It was a good time. Twenty-five years flew by, and its kind of surreal, like Jason (Taylor) is saying. It's surreal to sit here and know that that bust is going to last for 40,000 years. I'll be there for part of that. Football has been an unbelievable tool and platform for myself and my family, as I think we all are. You'll never give football as much in the NFL, as much as the NFL has given you. Bum Phillips was the guy that always preached that, and I've always taken that with me. Thank you."

On if he thinks special teams is well represented in the Hall of Fame:
"No, I don't, but life's not fair sometimes. This is an important step for us as a group I think. I'd like to try to move the conversation – and I know I'm considered a specialist – but move the conversation to saying that the game of football is very specialized now at every position and that it has changed over time. We're still playing a 100-yard field and so forth, but the positions – you have pass rushers that come in on third down, different players that are situational players – and I was a situational player. I was in maybe 10, 15 snaps a game and my job was to put points on the board. I'm hopeful we can move the conversation to the inclusion of some more guys, the Steve Taskers – and if you look at kickers, obviously Adam Vinatieri would be one guy that you would have to look at, Gary Anderson, there's a lot of guys out there deserving, but I'm just going to echo what a lot of guys said: It's a very tight squeeze in there. This is my fifth go-around, and I'm grateful and I'll do whatever I can to spearhead and try to move the conversation toward more inclusion for specialists, whether it's at the punting, place kicking, long snapping or kick return position. We need more, because it's a great game at all positions, and it has to be properly represented. I don't have a vote, but it's a step in the right direction for sure. I don't think the door to Canton is wide open as a group for us, but this is a good step in the right direction for sure."

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