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Transcript: Saints Players Postgame Quotes | Saints-Panthers 2019 Week 17

Get postgame reactions from Michael Thomas and Cameron Jordan

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas

RE: On the team's goals moving forward

Definitely the goal right now is to be the ascendant team. Coach [Sean Payton] talks about it all the time week in and week out. Scoring a lot of points, putting points on the board, and having complete wins from all units from special teams, offense, and defense. We just have to watch the film and continue to build.

RE: On today's mindset

Just focus on controlling what we can control. Focus on the task ahead of us, and just make the plays when they present themselves. We knew there was going to be some weather difficulties and stuff. Just perform and play for one another.

RE: On today's performance

We saw a lot of big plays from a lot of guys. We spread the ball around. Offense played good, but we can still go in the right direction. The defense, it was nice to see a couple guys back out there. Kiko [Alonso] and some of the other guys we've picked up that have joined us. Just seeing them out there contributing and starting to buy into the culture. The most important thing is just playing the perfect game, and on to the next one.

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan

RE: On today's game

This is a statement game. I feel like we're just about to peak. I feel like we still have room to improve in some of our game. The fact that they were able to put three points on the board that first half, and another seven points in the second half. There's room for improvement.

RE: On today's outlook heading into the game

Control what you can control. All of the seeding pictures, everybody has their educations of "what happens if." At the end of the day, if we win this game we have a chance. If we win this game, we make a statement. The way we won this game, we made a statement.

RE: On today's performance

They're missing Shaq Thompson. They're missing Cam Newton. Their leadership in terms of Ron Rivera is gone. This puts it on what we can take advantage of, and I feel like we went out there and did exactly what we're supposed to do. That's how you execute a game plan.

The New Orleans Saints celebrate their Week 17 win over the Carolina Panthers inside the Saints locker room presented by Mercedes-Benz.

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