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Marques Colston: "The Sky is Definitely the Limit"

WR Marques Colston discusses training camp, the offense, and the wide receivers


New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston

Post-Practice Media Availability

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How is training camp so far?

"Well, the weather cut us a small break today for our first day outside so it well. We're just continuing to work to get better."

What is your impression of this camp after everything that went on in this offseason?

"There is just a sense of guys being glad to be back to football. Everything that has gone on these last couple months, to be able to get to camp and really focus in on football (is important). To be able to eliminate all the other distractions, I think guys have really looked forwards to it and worked well."

Why is it that the offense has been able to pick up like it left off?

"I think the main key is number nine. We all knew while he was away he was working his butt off to continue to get better. It all starts with him. He came out, set the tone and as a group we've been together for a while now so it's really just picking up where we left off and continuing to move forward."

Since you've been here, is this the best the offense has ever been?

"We have the potential to be the best but it's only going to come through working hard, working through this camp, day in and day out. The sky is definitely the limit for us we just have to continue to put the work in to go reach it."

What is different without Curtis Johnson?

"I definitely wouldn't say that we are missing anything but like you said it is different. Henry Ellard, a guy that played in this league at a high level for a long time brings something different to the table. He definitely has a different style than CJ (Curtis Johnson) but one that we welcome. Anytime that you get a coach that has played the position at a high level like he did, you just want to soak up anything that he has to offer."

What was it like having Isaac Bruce here ?

"It was great. I'm a fan of this game first and especially playing receiver, he is a guy that I have really admired from afar. Really just getting the opportunity to meet him and to have him coach me up was a great opportunity."

Is it hard to believe you've been in the NFL for seven years?

"Yes, it has definitely flown by. It is just all about trying to maximize the day and never taking it for granted and continuing to work."

A couple of years you were like Adrian Arrington and Nick Toon, battling for a roster spot, what have you seen from them?

"Those guys have come to work and been professionals. Arrington has been around for a while and of course Nick Toon being a rookie, they understand that you can't really get to where you want to go without putting in the work day in and day out. As a group we are really supportive of one another and just continuing to work."

Has the loss of Robert Meachem affected the wide receiver dynamic?

"We're definitely going to miss Meach. Our group is really a brotherhood. We're going to miss him on the field and on a personal level also. He's going to do well out in San Diego. We just have to find that missing cog and that is what this training camp is for."

Do you see Devery Henderson picking up most of the slack there?

"I think it's going to fall on everyone's shoulders a little more. It's just going to play out throughout these next couple of weeks and well see at week one where we stand."

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