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Marcus Murphy talks about being drafted by the Saints

Running back from Missouri picked in seventh round

New Orleans Saints Running Back Marcus Murphy

Conference Call with Local Media

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Coach Payton just said that he had you as one of the top two returners in the draft on their board. How much did you know going in that your return ability would factor into the teams that were interested in you?

"I knew coming out of college and going into this process that my return skills and things that I did in the return game would help me out in the draft. I knew that a lot of teams would be looking at me as a returner, so I just wanted to stay patient. I knew that if I just stayed patient, and continued to wait, I would find the right fit. I'm glad that I am a Saint."

Talk about staying patient. What was your draft watching situation today, and what was it like to wait until the seventh round?

"I was a little anxious. I'm here in Dallas with my family, and we have just been sitting here in front of the television, glued in all day. It's just an exciting feeling once you watch the draft and it gets all the way down to the seventh round and you finally see your name picked, because towards the end of the draft you're thinking about free agency, and you're trying to decide what the best fit is. Then I got the great call, and it was just the best feeling in the world."

Are you familiar with how the Saints used Darren Sproles, and do you like that comparison? Is it a good comparison?

"Yes. Darren Sproles was a great fit within the offense and special teams, and I watched a lot of film on him. I just want to come out and contribute however I can, for both offense and special teams. He did a lot of great things for the organization, so I have some big shoes to fill just trying to compare myself to him. I would just watch film on him and try to come out and do the best I can."

Did you watch film on him because you thought you might be going to the Saints, or is he just kind of an inspiration for you?

"Actually, last year when I was talking to different scouts, they told me that he was a comparison of mine, and he's a guy that I should watch on film. I started studying his different positions and the way he carried himself on the field. He did a great job, and I'm just trying to step in and play a big role."

You missed all of 2011 with a shoulder injury. How has that shoulder held up since then?

* *"It's been fine. I haven't had any problems since the repair. I tore my labrum, had the repair in 2011, and ever since then it has been good, so I'm just ready to get to work."

Associated Press photos of new Saints RB Marcus Murphy.

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