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Malcolm Eustache named Saints/Chevron Teacher of the Week during Patriots game

By Annie Hills

Chevron and the Saints will continue to show their commitment to the development and education of our children by recognizing Teacher of the Week Malcolm Eustache. In his 5th year as an educator, Eustache is a Charolette, N.C. native who currently teaches seventh grade Social Studies at KIPP Leadership Academy.

Eustache credited his grandfather for being the Legend in their family.

"I am inspired to teach because of my grandfather, Joseph Eustache," Eustache said. "He was born into rural poverty in Haiti to uneducated parents. Through his perseverance, persistence, and prayer, he was able to earn an education for himself and lift his family out of the trappings of generational poverty. My entire family, who now consists of teachers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, is a living testament to the power of educating one child. Every moment that I am in front of students, I am reminded of that power, and the gravity of that responsibility."

Eustache commented on the experience of being recognized by the Saints.

"I am so grateful for the recognition," Eustache said. "Thank you all so much for this extraordinary honor!"

Eustache earned his Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Communication from North Carolina A&T University.

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