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Los Angeles Rams Conference Calls

Audio and transcripts from head coach Jeff Fisher and QB Jared Goff's conference calls with local media

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What do you think about the way your defense has played this season?
"We play hard, we're physical and if you look at the points allowed and things like that we've been done a respectable job, but when we have an offense that is struggling the defense has to do better and when you lose a 14-10 game and get one turnover and have hands on three balls you have to catch one of them. The defense is playing hard and we had a little stretch back five or six weeks ago against Buffalo where we were without three of four starting defensive lineman and think that affected us in that game, but we're a healthy defense right now and they're good."

What do you see out of the Saints offense?
"They're number one in the league, they are playing really well. Drew (Brees) has a great feel and he's spreading the ball around. Week after week they do a great job of game planning against their opponents and he knows where to go with the football as always and (I'm) impressed with their run game. Their multiplicity from three or four wide (receiver) package to two tight ends and an offensive lineman (is impressive). They just do everything and they keep you a little unsettled defensively and I think their best in the league on third down right now and that's been an area of concern of ours defensively. Prior to the last couple weeks, we just weren't as efficient as we wanted to be. (I'm) Just very impressed at the way the offense has been managed."

Coach Payton characterized Aaron Donald as an elite player, for you as a coach what separates him from other defensive tackles?
"I'm not going to compare him to other DTs, but I know what I see week after week, day after day on the practice field and he is special. He can win every block, he's a really smart player, he has a really good feel for what's going on. We give him the freedom to do some things, but he's really, really hard to block and when you talk about Aaron I made a comment earlier this week I think Alec Olgetree as well is an elite player on our defense. Alec is playing really well after his move from last year to outside to inside and I think he's had an outstanding season. With Alec playing the way he is and Aaron playing the way he is, then you put the pieces around them you have a chance to have a productive defense."

What are your thoughts on coaches around the league bringing up full time officials to the competition committee?
"First off to clear the record I stepped off the committee this year because of the move. I was not involved in any of the committee discussions this season. My personal belief is I think there are others ways to address officiating and to help to make it more consistent. Dean (Blandino) is an outstanding leader and they do a great job there trying to improve it and he is on the right track. I don't think it is realistic from the standpoint of bringing eight guys and if you go to eight full time (officials) because each one of these officials right now all have other jobs and you have to be cautious when you compare our game to the other three sports where you have 100 plus games, which it makes sense to be full time versus 20 games including the preseason. I think there are some other solutions and I think there is a way to improve it and I'm definitely in favor of eight officials and I have some others thoughts that I will keep to myself."

What about boundary cameras located on the sidelines, should the league explore putting those in?
"It's been something that has been discussed for a number of years and not only boundary cameras, but also goal line cameras and end line cameras, but the configurations at stadiums are all different and in my opinion a hard task because each stadium is different, but I think with where we are right now from a technology standpoint it's something that needs to be considered. It would be helpful."

Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Jared Goff
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What did you learn from your first start last week?
"I learned a lot, learned the speed of the game and how everything works and it's been a while since I played a full game. It was nice to get out there and get back in a rhythm and honestly it felt like all my other games where I played as soon as I got into a rhythm and got a few series for the game."

Are you looking forward to meeting former Cal standout Cameron Jordan?
"Yeah, I've met Cam in the past and I know Cam decently, good player great guy and I'm excited to play against him."

What do you expect it to be like starting on the road for the first time?
"It will be loud that's about it."

How much contact did you have with the Saints during the draft process?
"I went on a visit there; I did go on a visit there, had a meeting with them at the combine and it was good. There were great coaches there and it was a fun visit."

How beneficial was it for you to sit and watch before starting?
"I think it helped, there were a lot of things I learned, good and bad stuff and a lot of things I learned on and off the field through those however many weeks it was and (I) feel like it benefited me."

Do you feel like it is beneficial to sit and learn or just to play?
"I'm not going to speculate, it's what they decided to do and it's worked out pretty well and I feel good with it."

What is the first thing that jumps out at you regarding Aaron Donald?
"Just his strength is pretty unmatched. He is one of the strongest guys I've ever seen probably in my short career and I think he's one of the quickest, just with his hands he is very talented with his hands and what he can do and gets after the quarterbacks for sure."

Do you get the perception of you starting 10 games into the season?
"I don't hear that, I think we are trying to win each game one game at a time right now and still have a chance to make a run here and it's not too late and we can do some special things if we put it together."

What jumps out at you watching the Saints defense?
"You definitely see Cameron Jordan that is one guy you have to look out for. He makes a lot of plays and they're an athletic long defense. They get (after) it on all three levels and it will be a good challenge."

Has the Saints defense evolved from the beginning of the season?
"Yeah they have changed quite a bit in personnel and what they do schematically, but I think they will have something (new) as well."

Do they seem like a more aggressive unit in recent games?
"I don't know if you see that in particular, but they definitely have changed some things."

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