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Lions WR Calvin Johnson QA

            <span style="">Q: Is the 0-16 record not even mentioned in the locker room?</span>

Johnson: Yes.

Q: Did Jim Schwartz come in right away and say that there was going to be no talk about 0-16?

Johnson: He didn't do that, but he did talk about how it's behind us and a new campaign.

Q: Since you played the Saints last year they have a new defensive coordinator and a lot of new faces in the secondary. What have you seen from them in the preseason?

Johnson: They are trying to up their defense with a new coordinator. Obviously they didn't show anything (in preseason).

Q: Will you and Chris Reis be talking this week and exchanging secrets?

Johnson: I haven't talked to Chris. I've seen him in the offseason and stuff like that. I haven't talked to him.

Q: Have you had a chance to look at the Saints defense on tape following the changes and if so, what are your impressions?

Johnson: I can't really pass judgment. I haven't seen everything. We have a little ways to go. We're still watching film. As for right now, they haven't shown too much in the preseason.

Q: In last year's game with the Saints, Randall Gay handled you head up. Are you expecting the same type of treatment from the Saints defense even though they have a new coordinator?

Johnson: You never know.

Q: How much advantage does your height give you against a smaller defensive back?

Johnson: It gives me a lot. I'm 6-5, especially against somebody that's not physical, I have a good advantage. I have the advantage in that case.

Q: There have been some online reports that there is a schism in the Lions locker room regarding the starting quarterback selection. Can you address this?

Johnson: That's not even talked about there.

Q: Do you feel that everybody's behind Matthew Stafford as a quarterback?

Johnson: I'm not saying anything about either one of these guys. I'm saying he's (Stafford) our quarterback and that's the way it goes.

Q: What have you seen from Stafford and have the two of you developed a pretty good relationship on the field?

A: I have a good relationship with all of the quarterbacks. We all throw after practice.

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