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Junior Saintsations Welcome Saints Back To Superdome

Registration now available for December 12 game

On August 21, 2010, the New Orleans Super Dome rocked with excitement as the New Orleans Saints returned to their home field for the first time since winning the Super Bowl.    To greet the fans, over 500 Junior Saintsations covered the Super Dome field for the pregame presentation.  The Junior Saintsation program is sponsored by the Official Cheerleaders for the New Orleans Saints, The Saintsations.    Young girls from throughout the gulf coast were thrilled to join the Saintsations and perform in the pregame show at the first home game.

The Junior Saintsations arrived at 3:00pm to practice, cheer, and mark their territory on the field.  As they arrive decked out in their black, white, and gold Junior Saintsation uniforms the excitement level rose instantly. The participants were immediately led to the field where they were placed on their yard line to practice.    The girls had previously attended a training clinic at the indoor Saints facility a week earlier.  They had a chance to practice with the Saintsations and get a firsthand look at what it takes to be a professional cheerleader.

While practicing off the field on game day, the Junior Saintsations were pumped about their performance and began screaming GO SAINTS! The chant could be heard throughout the Dome and fans were trying to find out where it was coming from. Their 500 voices drew a crowd and they loved the attention.

The 6:45 pm performance was truly unforgettable, with all the participants and fans anxious for the game to start, each and every one of the Junior Saintsations shined and twirled around the field.  Donning gold poms, their Junior Saintsation uniform, and world champion moves, it was easy for every fan to see this performance. The Junior Saintsations danced to "Get Crunk" and various New Orleans related songs that pumped up the crowd just moments before player introductions.

The Saints won the game against the Texans that night and the stands were dotted with their young fans waving their poms in support of the home town team.  "This was so much fun.  The rehearsal with the Saintsations at the practice facility was great.   It was so neat to be on the field and see the crowd.  I want to do it again," screamed Craven Stogner from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  "This is my third year in a row as a Junior Saintsation and I can't wait to do it again."

For Saintsation team members, Diana, Brooke and Kristen the event brought back memories. Each were members of the Junior Saintsations are young girls. It's so neat to think that in this group of Junior Saintsations are future Saintsation members. "I can remember being on the field as a Junior Saintsation and dreaming of being a real Saintsation and now I'm living my dream, stated Brooke. The Junior Saintsations will be performing again December 12, 2010. For more information on how to register for the Junior Saintsation program, please click here

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