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Jordan, Nelson Visit J.D. Meisler As Part of Chevron Energy Efficiency Program

Saints defensive end and safety visited the middle school to discuss energy efficiency and the importance of education


New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and safety Jerico Nelson spent Tuesday morning at J.D. Meisler Middle School in Metairie, La. speaking to around 150 middle-schoolers as part of the Chevron Energy Efficiency Program.

Jordan and Nelson spoke about energy efficiency and the conservation of our resources. They discussed ways to help that the children should be mindful of in their everyday lives such as unplugging electronic devices, using energy efficient light bulbs and limiting wasteful water usage.

"You should always recycle," said Jordan. "Be aware of even the little things because it can make a big difference."

At the end of the discussion, there was a trivia session where students had a chance to put their lessons to good us with a chance to win autographed NFL Play 60 t-shirts by answering questions about the players' message.

"We wanted to make sure the students understood the message," said Nelson. "The world is changing so much, we have to take care of it."

While on the visit, the members of the Black and Gold also discussed their backgrounds and their paths to the National Football League. They talked about life inside their classroom growing up and the importance of education.

Jordan and Nelson talked about how mental preparation, through reading and completing homework, is essential for success in school and how the players still study each and every day to improve in their classrooms.

"When you are trying to excel at anything, you have to give your all," said Jordan.

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