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Join Team Stinchcomb


Team up with Saints right tackle Jon Stinchcomb to help the Children's Tumor Foundation!

The Children's Tumor Foundation is close to the heart of the entire Stinchcomb family, as Jon's twenty-year-old cousin suffers from Schwannomatosis, one form of a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis  that has only recently been recognized. It is a rare disorder, affecting only around 140,000 individuals.

You may join Stinchcomb's team by entering a philanthropic contest called "America's Giving Challenge." The charity that attracts the most donors by January 31, 2008 will get $50,000 for the charity! The donation amount isn't the issue, rather it is the number of people who donate by Jan. 31 that is important. If you choose to do this, please type in "Tumornators" in the area where you can designate the recipient (this appears once you've clicked on "Donate Now."

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