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Jaguars coach Gus Bradley and players talk about loss to Saints

Transcripts from Jaguars' post game interviews


"First of all, give credit to New Orleans and their gameplan. Offensively, I thought that they came out and did a really nice job. The first couple of series, I thought that the way that they changed their personnel groupings, and how they aligned in some of their shifts and motions, got us off base a little bit. They were looking for match-ups. There was a time where we had a third and long, we stopped them and they got to a fourth (down) and five, we miscommunicated a matchup, set a guy free, and allowed them to convert on a fourth-and-five. And then (there was) a second (down) and 21, I believe, and we are off playing off-coverage (against) a team that could run the ball or throw a screen right there, and we get beat on a, I don't know, a 60, 70 yard pass, I'm not sure whatever it was, 80 yards, and we are playing off-coverage. Those things like that took place all day."

On needing to play with more precision:

"When you are playing against an offense like this with that kind of precision, you have to be on the details. You have to be. There cannot be lapses in communication. And some of them are simple calls. Those things showed up today. I think that is a lesson for our team. You have heard me all year talk about precision. The word precision came when I was in Seattle and we faced New Orleans because I saw how that offense operated. I was like, 'This is a precision league. And for us to get to where we want to be defensively, we have to play with that same precision.' Hopefully, we learned a valuable lesson today. We can talk precision, but they just felt it."

On the play of the Jaguars offense:

"Offensively, I thought that we got it going late in the game. We moved the ball, but you can't have turnovers against a team that has that type of offense as well. We made some decisions that were costly, gave them opportunities to work on a short field. We just didn't execute in the second half. The effort, the toughness, the grit, that is there. This is precision now, this is precision (that we need to play with to win). It's not just (like you can) go out there and study film, line up and play our techniques. When you have an opportunity to make a play, you've got to make the play."

On what he will do to change the defense going forward:

"As you go back and look at it, you find out the guys when their number is called and they are making plays. Then, we have to find out what we are asking out of positions and are we getting what we are asking. Hard decisions have to be made. We just have to look at it across the board. Guys have roles. Guys have certain traits. We've got to utilize their strengths. It goes on us as coaches, too. The players, when you ask them to do something and they line up and understand it, then they have to perform."

On losing Jared Odrick early in the game:

 "That is challenging. The run game (of the Saints), you saw that they were able to run the ball a little bit better on us because of that. They ran with heavy personnel, which we would like to have Jared in for, which we weren't able to have in there so we weren't as able to get as big as we wanted to in some of the personnel groupings."   


On receivers:

"It is great that all three of those guys (Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee) joined the team in the same class, and for us to get them rolling during the game. And it was great today to see Marqise (Lee) really step up and make plays for us. I felt all of those guys did a great job today."

On Drew Brees:

"I thought he was unbelievable. I think that's what everyone has come to expect from Drew. He is a great quarterback who has played at a high level for a very long time and he had another great game today."

"We've got to stay on top of our game plan and pay attention more to detail, especially when you're playing against a team like that, led by a guy like Drew. As an offense, you've got to keep them off the field and put up points, because he's going to have a big game if you don't." "It's really tough, in trying to play offense when you get behind like that and obviously do some different things play calling-wise as the game goes on. But even though that happened, I felt our guys did a great job – from a mentality standpoint and from a passion standpoint. We fought the entire game. Obviously, as a team, we didn't play well in the first half, so we've got to find ways to start off faster." 


"I think in the first half our performance was just a lack of execution. I mean we had a couple of penalties that set us back and really hurt us. I mean we just stuck to our game plan as the game went on. It wasn't like we had a revelation at halftime for us to play better in the second half. The plays you saw in the first half just didn't get us going. We just have to find a way to come out better to start the game."

On 90-yard touchdown reception:

"Once I caught it, I had confidence in myself I could run it all the way to the end zone. It was a big play for us because it made the game closer at the time (to 31-19). As an offense, we approach each series knowing we can score every time. We want to score points, be it a field goal or touchdown – preferably a touchdown. I think the entire receiving corps is focused on helping the team move the ball down the field and score, and we've been able to do that all season."


"Early on in the game the Saints broke open a lot of runs and that set things up for them for the pass. Then they (Saints) went deep, and in the first half they did whatever they could against us. We prepared for that, especially knowing we were facing Drew Brees. I know it looked like they picked us apart out there."

On being eliminated from playoffs with Texans win earlier:

 "Before the game, we heard the pregame speech that we still had a slight chance to make the playoffs. We didn't know any of the other scores before the game. But that wasn't the reason we lost. We prepared well for this game but we just did not execute and that's why we lost. I just feel we didn't play our best today and that's what we showed." 


 "We got out of our game early but we tried our best. As far as them (Saints) targeting me I didn't think so. I thought after the first half we played a lot better."

 "We have a great group and a great defense. We are talented and we've proven it this year. But we just have some parts that we have to get stronger in."

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