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Inside the Huddle with WR Adrian Arrington

            <span style="">Q. You received the Desmond Howard Award, which is given to Michigan's top receiver that year, last season. What was that honor like for you being one of the top Michigan receivers to come out in the last few years?</span>                 

A. It's a great honor. We have had a lot of great receivers to play at Michigan like Desmond Howard. Being able to be mentioned with players such as him is a great accomplishment and honor for me.

Q. There has been a lot of great Michigan receivers to play in the NFL such as Anthony Carter and most recently Braylon Edwards. Do you feel any pressure to play up to their standards?

A. I never feel pressure in any situation that I'm in. I try to go out there and play my game. I don't try to be like anyone else. I just try to go out there and be the best that I can be.

Q. How hard is it to learn an NFL playbook compared to one in college?

A. The thing for me is that I had a little advantage over the rookie receivers coming out of Michigan because the playbooks were very similar. I picked up things really fast. The main thing is that the NFL playbook is a lot thicker, with a lot more plays, formations and variations.

Q. What the best strategy in learning an NFL playbook or is it just like learning any subject for a class?

A. I'm a visual learner. At night I try to sit down and look through the playbook and visualize the routes. I try to get a visual memory of the plays and when it's time to practice, I go out and execute.

Q. Your teammate, Marques Colston, was also a 7th round pick when he was drafted and has had great success in the league. How has he helped you with the transition to the NFL?

A. He tries to work with me about keeping my body low, being a big receiver. Defensive backs have a little advantage of getting under your pads a little bit. He tells me to keep my body low and keep pushing every day in practice. You have to keep focused out here in this heat and keep pushing every step of the way.

Q. What are some of your goals for this upcoming season?

A. My ultimate goal is to be able to come out and execute anything that my coaches ask of me. If I'm going to make this team, I'm going to have to come out everyday and be able to execute the plays that my coaches want of me.

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