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Inside the Huddle with Kevin Kaesviharn

    <span>              <span style="">  </span>               <span style="">What was the transition like for you, not only from the Bengals to the Saints, but from Cincinnati to New Orleans?</span>                  
            <span style="">Kevin Kaesviharn: </span>"It was a transition where I had to learn a new scheme, but football's not going to get too different. The terminology was a lot different. It came down to learning the terminology, getting to know the guys and letting them get to know me. The training camps are a lot tougher here compared to Cincinnati, but I think that it's all for the better. As far as going from living in Cincinnati to New Orleans, it was a unique transition. Each place has its advantages and disadvantages. I think the best things about New Orleans are the food and the people. Each place has its own great qualities about it." What's the biggest difference in playing in the AFC to the NFC?

Kevin Kaesviharn: "There's really not a big difference. The general perception of the leagues is that the AFC is a lot better just because there are a lot of dominant AFC teams that have won several Super Bowls in the past years, except for last season. You always have a few teams that are always going to be at the top of each conference. We are trying to be one of those team's year in and year out." You were a substitute teacher before you came to the NFL in 2001. If football didn't work out for you, was teaching your second passion?

Kevin Kaesviharn: "I knew I wanted to do something where I felt that I was helping someone and had a purpose. I wanted to make a difference in other peoples' lives. If I weren't playing football I would probably be teaching and coaching some high school sports. I enjoyed math. I have a physical education degree with a math minor. Before I played in the NFL, I was substitute teaching Algebra I and II. It's just something that I love to do. With math there's just a right or wrong, there's no gray. In so many areas in our lives, there's so much gray. I just love that part about it." How has this Saints' defensive secondary improved from last year?

Kevin Kaesviharn: "I think that the guys understand the scheme a lot better. We are all concentrating on the alignments, the footwork, and where we're supposed to be on every play. The focus is a lot more intense. Overall, it's going to helps us a lot this year. You can never tell how things are going to work out, but I do believe that we are a better secondary going into this season than we were at the start of last year." What are your personal goals for this season?

Kevin Kaesviharn: "As a team, we want to win a Super Bowl. We have to begin by winning games during the season and in the playoffs. As a player, the ultimate goal for an individual is to go to a Pro Bowl and be recognized amongst your peers and coaches. It's been a goal of mine. I would love to get 10 interceptions this year. I always set goals for myself, but those are secondary to the team goals. That's the approach that I've always taken."

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