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Ingram Exited to be in New Orleans

Conference call transcript with the Saints second first round selection

New Orleans Saints RB Mark IngramConference Call With New Orleans MediaThursday, April 28, 2011

(On his emotions when selected by the Saints)
"I was just excited to hear from them. They called me and told me that they traded up to get me so I was excited about it. It's an amazing chance and I am excited to be a Saint."

(On the interest shown by the Saints before the draft)
"I knew that they liked me. I know that they liked my game. I don't know exactly what happened coming in to the draft, but I am excited that they traded up to come get me."

(On coming in to a team with so many running backs on the roster)
"They have a lot of great backs down there. I am going to go down there and work my butt off. Anything I can contribute to the team, that's what I am willing to do to win games and help them win championships."

(On training in New Orleans and eventually being selected by the Saints)
"It's crazy but God does everything for a reason. I have been training down there since January and now I am going to be playing there. I have rolled by the dome a couple of times the past couple of months and it's crazy. I'm excited about it."

(On if he looked at teams that need a running back as his most plausible options)
"Yeah, I definitely looked at that. In the end, nobody knows what happens. There were a lot of teams that didn't need running backs in the first round. I am just excited that I am a Saint. I am ready to get down there and get to work."

(On fitting in to the Saints offense)
"I just want to get down there and learn the terminology and get familiar, work my butt off and any way that I can contribute to the team, that's what I am excited to do and that's what I will do if it will help the team win. "
(On talking to his father about the draft)

"I talked to him earlier today and I talked to him all throughout the week. He has definitely been a positive influence on me throughout this whole process and throughout my whole life. This is a real special moment for us. Even though he is not with me, he is in my heart and this is real special."

(On the hardest question the Saints asked him)
"They really didn't ask me tough questions. It was just getting to know me and talking football. It was just getting to know each other. It was really down to earth, and a really comfortable environment for me to be in."
(On if other teams missed the opportunity to draft him)

"That doesn't matter to me. My main focus is getting down there to New Orleans and helping them out in whatever way I can. It's a blessing to be drafted, whether it's in the first round or seventh round. The opportunity to be a member of the NFL is very special and something I have been waiting for my entire life."

(On his favorite place to eat or hang out)
"I have gone to a lot of little spots down there to eat. They have a lot of good food down there in New Orleans. I have to watch myself."
(On comparisons to Deuce McAlister)

"Deuce is a great running back.  He did lots of good things for New Orleans while he was there. I really try to be myself. I don't really try to model my game after anybody. I try and be the best player I can be and help out any way I can."

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