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Horizon Entertainment Captured Family Gras for TV Special


Horizon Entertainment, a video production company that relocated last year from Atlanta to New Orleans, recently concluded three days of filming for Jefferson Parish's "Family Gras" celebration.

Shot using state-of-the-art high-definition technology, Horizon's production team of 60-plus members covered the festivities from beginning to end in an effort to capture the true essence of the family-first Mardi Gras celebrations.

Horizon's team quickly went to work editing and preparing the video special that will be offered to public-TV stations around the country and will showcase the family-orientated spectacle that Jefferson Parish hosted this past weekend.

Locally the programming will soon appear on WLAE-Channel 32 (time slot to be determined).

"Mardi Gras is known all over the country for partying and drinking and the things that happen in the French Quarter," said Jason Sciavicco, Horizon president. "What Mardi Gras has to offer is so much more than what's on Bourbon Street. It's about family's coming together and enjoying themselves and doing things together."

Horizon Entertainment moved their operations to New Orleans last year at the urging of Saints Owner Tom Benson, who urged a partnership with Fox 8 WVUE and stressed the viability of using the local landscape and area personnel to the production company.

"Mr. Benson has allowed us the opportunity to showcase what New Orleans is all about," Sciavicco said. "We are anxious to showcase how Mardi Gras mixd so well with family values to create a great weekend."

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