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Head Coach Sean Payton Talks Following Tuesday OTA

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"In regards to participation, Jonathan Goodwin was home for the birth of a baby. Will Smith we sat because of a toe and Brian Young we sat because of his knee. Other than that, it's the same list that we've been working off of. Those would be the only three guys of note in regards to today's practice."

Is this a recurrence of Brian Young's knee previous knee injury?

"No. There are a few players – Brian is one, David Patten is another – there are a few of these older players that we will periodically want to sit, and I might sit Brian here for the next couple of days just to back off of it so the swelling goes down. We just have to be mindful of how much work he's getting."

Does Will Smith being here today indicate that things have been sorted out contract-wise?

"I think when the time comes there will be an announcement, but right now Mickey and his agent are working through the contract and trying to sort things out. There's nothing really new to announce."

Are you encouraged that he's here for these OTAs?

"Yes. No question."

With Mike McKenzie and Jason David sitting out, is that helpful in a way to work the new cornerbacks into the system?

"Some of the guys are getting more reps and I think those are valuable reps, when you look at one of them (Tracy Porter) being a rookie and the other one (Randall Gay) being a guy that's coming in from another system. It's much like what happens in training camp a lot of times. You can't plan it, you don't know who it's going to be, but you have to have guys ready to get up and get to work and that's what we're doing now."

Are you impressed by what Mark Brunell has done so far?

"Yes. He's been sharp. I'm impressed by how quickly he's picked everything up. Generally when a quarterback moves systems, there's an orientation process that can be quick or sometimes slow, and in his case it has been very fast. He has gotten a grasp real quickly of what we're doing. The terminology is different than what he's used to, but he's handled it real well and he still has some juice in his arm."

You signed Skyler Green very quickly after the regular season. What was the attraction to him?

"He's a guy that has return skills. When he came out, we had identified him as a returner. He went to Dallas and you kind of keep your eye on some of those guys."

In Dallas they moved him around between running back and receiver. What position do you see for him here?

"I think for us it is receiver-returner, and it might be the other way around, returner-receiver. I think he understands that."

Has he shown you enough as a returner so far?

"It's hard, because you're not really getting a lot of good return looks. Until we get into the preseason, you won't know exactly where he's at as a punt returner, but certainly he's a candidate to be competing for a position on the team, starting with special teams and then as a backup receiver."

If someone was good as a punt returner, would that be enough to justify a roster spot?

"I think you always have to consider that, yes. If a guy brought something to the table more than what you felt like you had. You see teams do that every year. One of the things that we mentioned at the onset of this camp was improving the return game, both kickoff and punt return, so we collectively are looking for those guys – who are they going to be?"

Is Skyler Green still as fast as he was at LSU?

"I think so. He's relatively young; he hasn't been out but three years now. We'll have a chance to see. He just has to run faster than the guys that are trying to tackle him, and we'll get a chance to look at him in the preseason."

What is the main difference between last weekend's minicamp and this round of OTAs?

"This schedule is a little bit more abbreviated. There's only one practice, and of course it's optional. We're limited to how long they can be in the building from start to finish; there are constraints time-wise. It's a little quicker, we're not on the field quite as long, and there's only one practice. That being said, we're installing very much like we did in minicamp, but that would be the big difference."

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