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Get to Know 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Lacie

Video bio, photos and a Q&A with 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Lacie

First name: Lacie

Age: 21

Hometown: Hammond, La.

High school: St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Catholic High School

University: Southeastern Louisiana University

Degree/major: Psychology

Career goal: To receive a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and have my own practice to help other in any way that I can!



Color: Purple

Song: "Drops of Jupiter" by Train

Book: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

Word: Tenacity

Food: Baked or grilled salmon

Movie: "Step Up"

TV show: "Big Bang Theory"

Pastime: Dancing and hanging out with my wonderful friends and family.

Lifetime goal: To be an amazing wife and mother to a loving family and make many memories while living each day like it's my last!

Best habit: I am very good at time management and I am well organized.

Worst habit: I am a bit of a perfectionist at times. I just like everything I do to be as perfect as possible!

Best experience of being a New Orleans Saintsation so far: So far the best experience of being a Saintsation is bonding with my amazing teammates on our retreat, practices and get-togethers we have.

Best thing about being a Saintsation: The best thing about being a Saintsation is knowing that so many people look up to you, especially younger kids. To be a role model for someone truly means a lot and it is a feeling like no other.

Advice for younger girls: My advice for younger girls is to never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something or achieve a goal, because you can! All it takes is hard work, determination and faith in yourself. With that, anything is possible!

Trait you admire most in other people: Honesty! Nothing is more important in any type of relationship or friendship than honesty. I admire anyone who can be open and honest with me.

What is your most outstanding attribute: I have a contagious smile and can cheer anyone up in a heartbeat! I love to make people happy and laugh because it makes me happy in return.

Other than your family, who is a positive role model in your life: My high school dance team coach is definitely my role model. She is an amazing person and has accomplished so much in her life. She also gives the best advice!

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why: I would love to travel to Italy! I am Italian and want to learn more about my culture and to see it all in person. I also want to visit all of the attractions, beautiful landmarks and buildings.

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