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Ford Stevens and Toriano Hayward named Saints-Chevron Teachers of the Week

By Connor Tarter


The New Orleans Saints and Chevron recognized two Teachers of the Week at the Saints' home preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, Aug. 28, for their commitment to the development and education of New Orleans area children. Ford Stevens and Toriano Hayward were honored. 

Stevens is a Jackson, Mississippi native, who earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political science from Yale University and currently teaches sixth grade math at KIPP Central Academy. Ford uses flag football as a vehicle to connect with the children and nurture their relationships.

"I'm a big believer in in 'no excuses' and hard work," Stevens said. "What I've found is that a lot of the time, students come to you wanting to know how they can reach an academic goal, when I try to instill in them from day one a great work ethic and the belief that there are no shortcuts, no excuses and with hard work, they can accomplish whatever dreams they have."

Hayward, a native of Alexandria, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from Hendrix College. He currently teaches English Composition at Bonnabel High School. His creation of "The Change Makers" group and its series of Saturday workshops, allows students to focus on critical leadership skills that will help them drive change in their communities and at their schools.

"I really take time to make sure that my classroom is tailored to all of the students that enter it everyday," Hayward said. "In that sense, that's the philosophy, making sure that I'm doing what's best for every single child."

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