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Five things to know about the New Orleans Saints on Monday, Dec. 30

Saints players begin preparations for Wild Card game

  1. Tune in at 8 p.m. to watch Episode 1: Walking Together Forever - the story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints. Episode 1 explores the formation of the team and how an inspirational talk from a Pro Football Hall of Famer helped the players understand how good they could be.
  2. Watch Saints vs. Panthers highlights | Week 17. Watch the highlights from the New Orleans Saints' road win against the Carolina Panthers.
  3. Start your day with Saints headlines every morning! Catch Saints on 60, hosted by Caroline Gonzalez, which is available via all Amazon connected devices.
  4. Take a look at exclusive photos from the Saints locker room celebration, after the Saints' 42-10 victory over the Panthers.
  5. Remember to use the Saints app presented by Verizon to get player stats, highlights and all of our game coverage. Get the details on how you can download the app here.

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