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Five most memorable quotes from Morten Andersen's acceptance speech

Saints legend inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday

  1. "I've learned that with age comes wisdom and perspective. I know now that quality life is all about purposeful living with people that you love and respect. The focus is on we and not me. This I learned from football. This I learned from my teammates, my coaches and support staff throughout my career."
  1. "I have a deep love for the city of New Orleans and its football team. Our connections together run deep and I believe the fans are the most loyal and passionate anywhere. I have great, great admiration for the spirit and attitude of the people of New Orleans. They taught me even through hard times to love life and stay positive. I will always be a part of New Orleans and always a Saint."
  1. "The lesson is simple. Bring your will and perseverance to everything worth doing. When the reward is sublime the risks are higher. You must embrace the uncomfortable to go into that rarified air of excellence."
  1. "While I always appreciated the uniqueness of my position, I never felt isolated. I always felt included and a part of the team. I value the long snapper and holder. You were my bread and butter, and I was fortunate to have the very best. The countless hours spent drilling with you. Working to be great is one of my favorite memories."
  1. "My wife, Jennifer, has been the light of my life for 27 years. You are the most unselfish, giving human being I've known. You've always been the light and never the shadow. I'm forever grateful for your unconditional love and friendship. Everyone you connect with is profoundly changed by your incredible giving spirit. You are rare in so many ways. I knew I'd out-kicked the coverage when I met you."
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