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Fans Take: Why the Superdome is the NFL's Toughest Venue for Opponents


On Tuesday, ESPN's NFL bloggers ranked the top 10 toughest NFL venues for visiting teams. The Superdome came in at No. 6 on the list. Saints fans voiced their opinions on the team's social media outlets with why they believe the home of the black and gold should be No. 1.

Listed below are some of the best responses from our fans:

"At the Dome, you're not just playing the Saints, you're playing New Orleans the city, the idea, the spirit and the force."
- Facebook follower Ira Goldman

"Are you kidding? The noise level in the Dome is off the charts. It's deafening, easily the toughest."
*- Twitter follower @chaseswindler *

"The Saints are the best team, have the best fans and their stadium is the best ever! It's the loudest and most fun place to be!"
- Facebook follower Riley Stivers

"It is LOUD! Not only that but we have the best anthem that plays after we score...Stand Up and Get Crunk!"
- Twitter follower @_SpotlightsOnMe

"The energy in there is like nowhere else in the world. The love & passion are insane!!!!"
- Facebook follower Candace Callaghan

"Because we're a bunch of crazy cajuns...then put us in a dome where the sound is amplified and it's game over!!"
-Twitter follower @chltgrl

"Because, simply put, people in New Orleans know how to enjoy every moment of every good thing in their lives and celebrate those moments fully. We put ALL of ourselves into our joy. It is what makes us special."
- Facebook follower Janice D'Argonne LaRocca

"The Superdome is the roughest, toughest, loudest, most raucous and rowdy place an opposing team could ever play! The fans are the most loyal, frenetic, frantic, proudest and loudest fans of any other team in the NFL, period."
- Facebook follower Slick Richard

"Saints vs. Falcons, Sept. 25, 2006. Steve Gleason. What else do you need to say? #HomeSweetDome"
- Twitter follower @NOLA_Julia


"Saints and their fans have HEART!! The players play their hearts and souls out for their city and the fans show the love and give their heart and soul to the team....a bond like that is hard to beat!! : ) GEAUX SAINTS!!!"
- Facebook follower Jan Clark OHare

"Because the fans in south LA bleed Gold and sweat Black. Go black and gold!"
- Twitter follower @jeremyjameyson

"The Superdome is the toughest place to play for football visitors!! Everyone knows that SAINTS fans are the best by far! We support our team all year long. The games at the Dome are very loud and a lot of fun. Our rivals fear us because they know we are dedicated to our Saints! Just go to any of the games in the Dome and you can experience first hand and understand what I am talking about."
- Facebook follower Michelle King

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