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Drew Brees' Tuesday press conference

Video and quotes from Drew Brees' Tuesday press conference

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post-Practice Media Availability
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How proactive are you with your offensive line and some of the younger guys?
"Well, I mean very proactive. There is always communication and, obviously, I have to be on the same page in the run game, pass game, scheme, some of things we're seeing. (We) Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. (With a) Short week, obviously it becomes even more important, just because it's a lot of information thrown at you in a short amount of time, but, listen, those are smart guys, they know what they're doing. Just for us both to know that we are on the same page is a good thing."

You all talked about getting back to 2006. Do you think that you have succeeded in that so far?
"Well, I don't think we are playing as well offensively as I know we can. I don't think we are playing as well as a team as I know we can. So I think it's just finding our identity, finding our mojo and get this thing rolling."

Drew you've had some protection and turnover issues. Do you think that improving one helps the other?
"Yeah, I mean a lot of times those things go hand and hand. I mean, bottom line, we all have to do a better job of taking care of the football, myself included."

How do you find a consistent running game?
"Yeah, I mean we scheme people every week. It's going to be a different run plan. (We) Just kind of find the stuff that we do well and each week have some new wrinkles as well. I think we have stuck with it. I don't think we have been in the situation where we have just abandoned it. I think we had a tendency to do that in years past. I think we are committed to the run game."

How different is Atlanta compared to previous seasons?
"Well, I mean it's a different head coach, different scheme. Listen, they are playing really well right now. A lot of the players are the same on defense. They have a rookie defensive end, new free safety, maybe a couple other spots, but for the most part it's a lot of the same personnel just playing Seattle's scheme, where Coach Quinn came from. They are playing pretty well right now."

Why is it that you all have won 80 percent of your primetime games? What do you attribute that success too?
"We are always playing good games. There always seems to be a lot on the line. I guess if you're going to save your best for something it's good to save it for that. I think we have been pretty consistent whether it's primetime or night, with the exception of, unfortunately, the recent past here, but we are hoping to get that changed really quickly."

Are you aware that you have been hit more this year than all of 2009?
"I'm not aware of that. I mean, listen, I have a job to do and it's to get the ball out and make plays and help us score points."

Does this feel like the longest stretch where you all can't find offensive consistency?
"Yeah, I mean I really haven't stressed about it that much. I feel like the plays will come. We just have to keep plugging away, keep dialing them up and good things will start to happen."

Can you harness that anger and turn it to an edge on the field?
"Yeah, absolutely. I mean (I'm) not really happy with the way things are going thus far. You could say I'm a little bit angry, disappointed, frustrated, chip on the shoulder. I am harnessing that into something positive."

Photos of Drew Brees vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Photos by Michael C. Hebert (New Orleans Saints photos)

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