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Drew Brees Receives Heartfelt Letter, Challenge Coin from Naval Officer

Navy Chief Petty Officer Thomas O'Brien thanked Brees for his dedication to New Orleans.

Drew Brees, an avid supporter of the United States armed forces, recently received a letter from Navy Chief Petty Officer Thomas O'Brien, who is currently serving overseas aboard the USS Rafael Peralta.

Petty Officer O'Brien wrote to thank Brees for the impact he has made on the greater New Orleans area and for his public support of the miltary.

"If it weren't for you and some other key individuals, I don't even know where the city would have been after (Hurricane) Katrina," O'Brien wrote.

In addition to the heartfelt letter, O'Brien sent along a challenge coin with the USS Rafael Peralta's crest. O'Brien made it a priority to snag a coin with the number nine on it so he could send it to Brees.

Brees took to Twitter to share the letter and coin and to thank Petty Officer O'Brien for his kindness.

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