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Drew Brees on playing the Browns: 'We've got our work cut out for us'

Saints quarterback held his weekly media session Wednesday

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

Post-practice Media Availability

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Your first touchdown as a Saint was in Cleveland against the Browns back in 2006, what memories do you have from that?

"I remember the play. Marques Colston did this little kind of stop route outside. He made a nice catch and made the corner miss and then dove into the end zone. That goes way back. That was at a time where there was so much uncertainty. Winning that first game of the season in '06, 19-14 I remember the score. A hard-fought game, back and forth, and to get that win did so much for our confidence and it really kind of paved the way for a lot of what we were able to accomplish that season, too."

Is it surprising that the Browns have a 2-0 record in the Superdome since 1999?

"I remember when we lost to them in '14 (in Cleveland). I remember when we lost to them here in '10. Man, they've been tough games against these guys. So obviously, when you only play them once every four years, a lot of things change. It is (a) new staff, a lot of new players and that kind of thing. But bottom line is they're extremely talented, really on both sides the ball offense and defense. But as I sit there and look at their defense, they've got a lot of really talented players. Obviously, Gregg Williams has a good scheme so we've got our work cut out for us."

Speaking of Gregg Williams, this will be the second time you will have faced him in the regular season since he left New Orleans, what kind of coordinator is he and what can he bring to a defense?

"It's an aggressive style. He gets those guys playing hard. They're multiple, meaning they do a lot of things and do a lot of things well. Looking at them from last year to this year, they kind of revamped their secondary in the draft. Denzel Ward, high pick. And (they) go out and get some free agent guys as well that have really bolstered that secondary. (They have a) Really good linebacker corps, really good front seven (and) one of the most elite pass rushers in the league in Myles Garrett. So they're a formidable defense."

I know you and Gregg Williams won a Super Bowl here together but a lot happened after that, do you acknowledge him still or just kind of move on after a game like this?

"I haven't bumped into him at all, really on any occasion since he left here in 2011."

Any concerns at all about the balance of run and pass in that first game?

"No. That's just kind of the way that game went. The next thing I'd say is were we efficient? And I'd say we were. So there's going to be games where it's lopsided in one way or the other. There are going to be games where we're probably running the ball more than passing it. And I'll ask the same question – are or efficient? So if we are, if we're moving the ball, if we're scoring points, then I'd say obviously that was the right plan."

How impressed were you with Alvin Kamara's ability to continue and maybe even pick up another notch from where he was in his first NFL season?

"He just keeps taking steps forward. Making strides, obviously. He has proven he can be an every down back. He can do a lot of things. He is extremely versatile. I love his demeanor. I love his approach to the game. He is a guy who comes to practice ready to work. There is no air to him. He just plays with a lot of confidence, plays with a lot of swagger, but I think he also knows when it's time to work, knows when it's time to have fun. He knows he's a young player and knows he still has a lot to learn. I think being in his offense, being with a guy like Sean (Payton) who knows how to use a weapon like that, and I like to think that I'm trying to impose some wisdom on him as well. I think just with the team and with the offense there's enough guys that are there to continue to help bring him along too, but he himself, I love everything about his approach and the way that he works and the way he handles it all."

What makes Myles Garrett such a good pass rusher?

He's super athletic, he's really big and strong, he's got great flexibility, he can bend the corner, he's got great power. He's just got all the tools."

Do you have to match the Browns' intensity? They haven't won a game since December of '16 and they got a little confidence last week.

Sure. They did a lot of good things on film last week. That's the thing. You hate the fact they haven't had a win for a while because you look at their side of the ball and you're like man that is a really good defense that did a lot of good things. Forget their record. Forget last time they had a win. I think we look at it as, you try to as much as possible, face this opponent, we go out, we execute our stuff, whatever they throw at us we have to have a plan for, we have to be ready for. Do all the things that equate to winning football. Take your football, be efficient, (in the) run game (and the) pass game, when you have a chance to make plays you have got to make them. Forget who you are playing. That's got to be our approach, no matter who we're playing."

Back to (Alvin) Kamara, the things he can do sometimes being so elusive after the catch in the open field, is that pretty rare and does that in any way effect how you see the field as the quarterback? Do you see a dumpoff to him and see how it's set up beyond that?

"I think one of his rare traits is his balance and his ability to shed tacklers. Not just in the hole, but in open space or whatever it might be. Then, obviously, his burst, his explosiveness. It's like he's hugging the ground too. His ability to change direction and just go from zero to 60. He can do it really, really quickly. All those things make him very unique."

How has your gameday routine changed over the years?

"It's still the same."

What about like on the field? Do you like to be the last one off the field?

"There's things I've tweaked slightly once I get on the field over the years. Once I get done with my work, I leave the field."

Do you always have to leave the field with your helmet on?

"Yes, I do."

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