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Drew Brees on loss to Broncos

Drew Brees spoke about loss to Broncos

On the loss:
"Still in disbelief, a little bit. Especially when you score at the end, you think that's, I don't want to say the game-winner, but listen, it puts you up by a point, then, 'Hey let's see what happens.' The minute the guy jumped over and it got blocked and the other guy got it there was nobody to catch him so at that point I was like, OK we're going to get the ball back (on an onside kick), 1:22, we got time. Go down get a field goal and win it again, but yes, it's tough. To play a game like that on both sides of the ball and fight the way that we all did and then for it come down to something like that. Listen, great individual play by 31 (Justin Simmons) and 34 (Will Parks), their safety, who jumped over and blocked it and then, obviously, the caravan to the end zone. Hate to see a game like that come down to just a simple play."

On the replay of the run down the field after the blocked extra-point:
"It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Let's not even get to that point."

On what was said to Michael Thomas after the second turnover:
"First off, I was just making sure he was alright because he took a big hit so I was just making sure he was OK. Just saying keep his head up. He's a young guy. Made a bunch of big plays for us this year and unfortunately had two that the guy coughed up today. He's such a competitive guy. Such a conscientious guy. Taking it hard. But I just tell him to keep his head up, we're going to need to make some plays down the stretch. And we will. Those guys that care so much. I think that's the reason why you tell them, 'Hey, just let it go. Let's move on."

On how he thinks Michael Thomas felt about his performance:
"He's hard on himself. Just like I'm hard on myself. (Brandin) Cooks (is hard on himself) and everybody else (is hard on themselves). We take a lot of pride in what we do so if there's a mistake made, especially a costly one, we're going to be hard on ourselves and yet, we also know that we're going to have another opportunity and we did. I knew we would. I felt like the defense was going to come out, stop them, kick a field goal and now we've got to go down and score a touchdown which doesn't really change anything because that's what we were planning on doing anyway when we had the ball except instead of three minutes left and two timeouts, we had two minutes left and no timeouts, but that's what we do."

On the offensive line:
"I thought they did a great job. Those guys were geeked up to start the game. Got a few hits early, but then it was solid there for a long time. At the end, listen, that's what pass rushers live for, guaranteed passing situations where they just pin their ears back and go. I thought all our guys, all across the board, did a phenomenal job today.

On difficulty to win when your team commits four turnovers:
"If we win this game, then we sit there and go, we're lucky. The four turnovers, they cost us the game. It made it a lot closer than it probably should have been. Obviously, had we not, but listen, our defense did a great job and got two from them. I think they got thirteen points off of turnovers and we got ten so it was almost a wash, but obviously, you want to eliminate those because it really reduces your chances of winning."

On strong personal performance at the end of the game:
"I think we just got into a rhythm. I think we just started clicking a little bit. Made some big plays. Kind of had a read on them a little bit. The balance was good. We got some big plays in the passing game which was good. Guys just making plays and then you just grab hold of that momentum and you don't want to let it go."

On throwing to Brandin Cooks today for some completions for big gains today:
"It felt we got some good looks for what we'ere trying to do and he got by all those guys so at that point, you are wanting a completion. (I) was not wanting to overthrow any of those. Let's get the completion and make sure we secure the big play. Brandin (Cooks) came up with three huge catches today."

On completing twelve passes in a row and his feelings on his own performance:
"Well, the two turnovers bug me. The first one was just a great play by that safety, screaming over the top and listen, that's on me. I've got to hold it or if he's playing over the top fast enough. Can't let that happen in the red zone, we got points. The other one is unfortunate because put the ball exactly where we wanted it, but that's one of those where it kind of gets looped up in the air as opposed to getting knocked down. It looked like Mike (Michael Thomas) had it in his hands and he was going to tuck it and then there was a little movement, balls up in the air. That's going to happen sometimes."

On if he has ever experienced other games like this in his career that he did today with emotional swings and crazy plays:
"Yes, unfortunately, I've probably had two or three moments just like that. Listen, it's unfortunate, but life goes on. We've got a short week here so we've got to bounce back and find a way to win this week at Carolina (Panthers)."

On if the short week is a good thing or a bad thing after a tough loss like today:
"I think it is a good thing because all you want to do is get back on the field as fast as you can. Obviously, we've got four days here so it's a quick turnaround. We'll have a good (game)plan together, but we've got to lose this one and move on to the next one."

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