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Drew Brees' Cardinals Week Press Conference

Quotes from Drew Brees' Cardinals week press conference

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees* Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What have you learned about your side of the football the last two weeks?
"I'd say bad execution, been poor on third downs and some of it has been penalties, penalties will put us in some third and long situations that are hard to get out of. We still could have probably converted a few of those if we had better execution. Some of the third and short situations that have really as I really just look at that first quarter of these last two games. Where all of a sudden we leave the first quarter, the first quarter is over and we've run six plays. That is not a characteristic of us and we know the areas we need to improve and that's what we have been working on."

Does a game without Max Unger make you appreciate him more?
Anytime you're missing a guy like Max (Unger) or Michael Thomas then there is an affect and yet we have this next man up mentality and we've gone many instances. I mean you always go throughout the course of a season knowing that at times you're going to lose some guys. Whether it is temporarily or for a long period of time and you have to adapt and adjust and I feel like we've done that very well. I think Senio Kelemete did a great job in Max's absence and I thought we found a rhythm at some point in that game, but unfortunately once we did we get in the red zone, we're kicking field goals and we weren't getting touchdowns. We had chances for them, we had chances for them, but we didn't get them. That's the difference between winning and losing."

Are there any reasons you can point too as to why you haven't thrown a touchdown and have 6 interceptions the last two games?
"A couple poor decisions and a couple just man did that really just happen kind of deal. Listen, the good thing is I can make those corrections. I've done it before many times and I'm confident that we're going to get back on track."

How do you balance having amnesia about it to learning from it and remembering?
"I've played football a long time. I've thrown a lot of interceptions unfortunately. (I've) Also come back and had some pretty huge games after games like that. Bottom line is my confidence does not lack put it that way and while I'm disappointed in myself for what happened over the last two games. I feel like my play and my execution, I know I can make those corrections."

Is it hard knowing that you're not going to be able to achieve the goals you set this season yet again?
"Yeah there is always something to prove, always something to prove every time you step on the field. That is my mindset really not looking past this game."

What do you see out of this Arizona secondary?
"They're a top five defense in a lot of areas. They create a bunch of turnovers. Their whole secondary is very instinctive, good ball skills, the scheme they play, eyes on the ball and those guys have the ability to make plays. They have done a good job all year."

Do you know the Saints have never won in University of Phoenix stadium?
"Really, ok good to know."

Does the outside perception of your last two performances bother you at all?
"I know this. It bothers me that it happened. I could care less what people say. I really could. There's a lot of things that annoy me and a lot of things statistically annoy me believe it or not. I am disappointed in the fact that it happened. The good thing is I know how to fix it."

How much has Brandon Coleman meant to the offense?
"He has been great. Obviously he stepped in and started in place of Michael Thomas. I thought he did a really nice job. I love his mindset through this whole thing. I'd say that obviously Willie (Snead) and Michael Thomas and Brandin (Cooks) have gotten the majority of the reps and yet when we call upon Brandon Coleman to step in and make a big block or make a big third down catch, a red zone catch. Whatever it might be he's there to do it and there is not a guy who's most improved (more than him) and just most (improved) from the day he stepped in this building until now. I love his approach. I love his mindset and his work ethic. Again a lot of that group pushes one another. That group drives one another and they compete and Brandon Coleman is one of those guys."

What kind of differences do you see in this team compared to other non-winning teams you've been on?
"The season is not over so I'm not going to make any comparisons about seasons past. All I know is I really like this team and I feel like unfortunately there's times where you have to take steps back before you take steps forward and there are times where bad things happen before the great things happen. You are going to learn some things that are going to put you to accomplish things that maybe you never thought possible and I would equate it to 07', 08'. We had that stretch where we come off the success of 06' maybe the unexpected success of 06', the NFC championship game post Katrina all that and then 07', 08' disappointing missed the playoffs. Again non-winning seasons and then you come out in 09' and just click. I feel like we are close, so close to that ticking point. All the guys in here believe that and that's what's important."

Do the characteristics you saw in 07',08' teams exist on this team?
"Yeah I mean a good group of guys. A big group of guys that care about one another, love to compete, love to play. Unfortunately, just hadn't been able to get over the hump, but we're really close."

Is there anything you can share about how you're going to fix the problems you had the last two games?
"I do my job, turn it loose, play confident and know what can't happen in certain situations."

Does forcing it to a certain receiver ever cross your mind?
"That is one of those annoying ridiculous things that was mentioned earlier."

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