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Delvin Breaux's Black and Blue Report transcript

Breaux discussed National Signing Day on the Black and Blue Report

As promised on this Tuesday, the Breaux show is here.  Delvin Breaux stops by.  Cornerback of the New Orleans Saints, McDonogh35. You're wearing your t-shirt with pride today.

Of course. I always represent.  Have to represent the 35.

How does your body feel?

My body feels fine. I'm doing well. I'm ready to get back to work.

I knew I was going to wait a couple weeks to ask you how it felt.  Because I would imagine it takes a little bit to kind of bring it back to normal.

 You got to rest you're body, man.  That's what the coaches say, rest your body, man.  But we're too anxious, I'm too anxious for the next season but I'm going to be smart and rest my body and just enjoy it.

I do want to go back to some of the conversations we had back in West Virginia during training camp.   Look, you were more than excited.  You were finally getting your chance to play in the NFL and here it was your hometown team on top of that.  Did the excitement ever wear off?

No, man. You know I'm still excited to this day because it's a second opportunity for me.  You know to get the opportunity to play for my hometown team is just amazing.  It's like I can't let nobody down, I can't let myself down first of all and I just enjoy it.  Excitement is still here.

How long did it take you to transition from the Canadian Football League to the NFL?

I would say about, the whole season.  It took the whole season.  I'm not even going to lie.  The whole season.

It seemed like the first couple of weeks there was an adjustment.  I mean clearly watching you play there was an adjustment.  Then it seemed to almost click but you're saying it took the whole season.

Yeah, it took all season. Just because it's minor details.  Cornerbacks we have to worry about details, attention to details and I kind of still felt myself playing like I was in the CFL.  It can be from a t-step plank coming out of my break point of view or it can be going up to get a ball or playing through the man or playing away from the man.  It was just something that I have to continue to keep adjusting to and I eventually got it.

Did you surprise even yourself in any way with the way the season went?

No, not at all because I know myself.  I know what I can do.  I know I can be elite and I just handle my business.

Well it was really special to watch.  I just think the whole story, especially being here in the black and gold, is what did it for a lot of us.  I think that watching you emerge as, in my estimation, a top cornerback in this league from basically off the street.  Let's just be honest.  Do you feel like now you're in a position to take even another step after what you went through the past season?

Oh yeah, man.  I'm ready to take this elite step.  I'm ready to be mentioned like you said, in the top cornerback category, so I just have to continue working hard and not doing what I did last year.  Just continue to keep building off what I did the last week we played.  Continue to keep monitoring my game and just watch a little bit more film study this year and just so I can be on top of my game and just have fun.

Alright let's make a deal.  Let's say that in the next couple of years we're having an interview this time of year but it will be about a trip to Hawaii regarding the Pro Bowl or we'll be talking about your upcoming Super Bowl opponent.  How about that?

Deal, good deal.

Speaking of Super Bowl 50, what do you think about the Carolina and Denver matchup?

Man, a lot of people have been giving me some stuff because I'm going with the Panthers.  You know they're in our division but you know, I played against them twice.  I know these guys, these guys are pretty well coached.  These guys are going to go out there and compete with the Broncos.  The Broncos also have a great defense.  I want to see it to be a close game.  Who knows what's going to happen but I like Cam Newton and what he stands for in that organization.  I think they're going to win.

Let me ask you about Cam Newton.  What's it like to defend against him?

Man, it's tough.  You have to watch his arm, you have to watch his legs.  You have to watch so much and then they have a running back they run so much trick stuff that you have to pay attention to what he's doing and then you have to what the running back is doing.  Man, it's just tough to contain him.  I think the Broncos may have a chance because of Von Miller and wearing him.  But he's unstoppable.

Who's he a bigger nightmare for, cornerbacks, linebackers, defensive lineman?

Everybody, everybody.  He's big.  Cam's 6'5", 2 what? 250, 260.  He's a nightmare for anybody, man.

Did you hit him at all?

No, I don't believe so.  If I did, I hardly stopped him because he's big. 

I sometimes laugh listening to folks like me who did not play in the NFL talk about Cam Newton this and Cam Newton that. I want to hear from guys who actually are on the same field as the guy and who may have never have had a quarterback to go up against of his size and his speed. Is he truly the unique player that I think he is?

Yeah, Cam Newton's unique.  He's an extraordinary player, he's legitimate, and he's elite.  He's MVP caliber quarterback, man.  You really have to study film on.

Let me ask you this as a defender, how you with the whole dabbing thing and the celebrations and the Superman? Are you okay with that? Did it frustrate you?

No, not at all because he's having fun.  That's what you want in athletes.  You want to have fun, you want to start traditions, you want to do things that's exciting, and you want fans to go "whoa! That's crazy, that's exciting!" Man, I don't mind him doing that.  I think it's awesome. 

Should it only be for certain plays or just bring it all the time?

Just whenever you do it.  Whenever you make a big play or doing something you want to celebrate.  Man, do your thing. 

Do you find yourself labeling you and your fellow players as players or as entertainers?

I say entertainers.  Football is entertainment.  We're entertaining a crowd.  We're playing for fans to come and watch us.  I would say we're entertainers.

But you have to be a good player.

Yeah, you have to be a good player to be an entertainer.  You can't just be doing dabbing and getting lost in all that. 

Help me with the timeline here a little bit, so National Signing Day happened for you in this building.  Similar thing will happen tomorrow here at the Saints facility.  We're going to host a bunch of high school athletes who are going to sign their letters of intent.  I think it's very cool and that they get to do it, I guess it would be really cool to do it either at your school or at an NFL facility.  What was it like for you?

It was awesome for me.  It was new because we were at our high school and the next thing we know we had to move to the Saints facility.  I was like, "Oh the Saints are hosting, and we're going to run into a great player, some NFL players."  Man, it was awesome and I'm glad we did it here at the New Orleans Saints facility. 

Did you ever think even for a moment when you were signing your national letter of intent in this building that you would then one day work in this building as a member of the Saints?

No, I didn't.  I was just worrying about playing for LSU at the time.  You know hoping to get a chance to play there. 

Alright here's the timing part, when did you get hurt exactly and when did the signing come? You were hurt before the signing?

I was hurt before the signing.  I was committed to LSU.  It was summer of 2006 so June 6, 2006 and then I had my injury that October 27, 2006. 

Right and then the following February …

Signing day was February 7, 2007. 

So you signed the letter of intent still recovering from your injury?


Did you know at that point that you would be unable to play for some time or what was your mindset?

I always thought as soon as I signed the letter of intent, we're getting ready to start football.  That was my mindset until I actually got there and had to go through the doctors and stuff like that.  That's when I found out I wasn't going to play.

Do you still have the letter of intent?

Man, no, I don't think so.  I don't think so.

I bet LSU has it.

They probably do.  I would hope so because I want to go back one day and get some highlights and all that stuff because you know they do the player highlights when they show, I think it's at the Bayou Bash, some LSU hopefuls. 

When you think about those kids, and they are kids, when they sign tomorrow, what is their day going to be like? What does that feel like?

Their day is going to be full of excitement.  You know they have family there.  You're going to have other athletes that are signing.  Maybe some will be your teammates signing to your same school.  It's just going to be excitement and it's going to be onto the next step.  You know you have to get from under your parents' wings and make that next step becoming the person you're going to be.  Hopefully they become professional athletes. 

Share with me something that you're going to do this offseason that fans would love to hear.

I'm a pretty good bowler.  I like to bowl so I may get involved in some bowling activities and some bowling events.  That's about it for me.

Photos of Delvin Breaux from the 2015 Season. Photos by Michael C. Hebert (New Orleans Saints photos)

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