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Craziest moments from Drew Brees' adventure on "Running Wild With Bear Grylls"

From Tackling a crocodile to jumping out of a helicopter, Drew Brees did it all on Running Wild

The craziest moments from Drew Brees' adventure on "Running Wild With Bear Grylls":

(Or watch the full episode here)

Tackling a crocodile: !

"I just spotted dinner," Grylls said when they came across the crocodile.

Cave rappelling: !

"Heights and spiders….my two greatest fears," Brees said of the rappelling.

Jumping out of a helicopter: !

The show opened with Grylls picking Brees up in a helicopter. The first challenge of the trip, the duo jumped in a river from the helicopter. Prior to the leap, Grylls tells Brees: "Not to be an alarmist, there are crocs in the river. So once we get in...stay together."

Climbing a in a bat cave: !

Grylls and and Brees swam into a dark cave filled with bats. They climbed up a wall of the cave to get out.

"First test of heights…and I didn't think bats would come into play," Brees joked about the climb.

Two light-hearted moments

Be Like Brees: !

Brees tried to teach Grylls the best way to throw a football. After the lesson, Grylls joked: "The lesson I learned from that is I should stick to survival"

Gift for Brees: !

At the end of the trip, Grylls gave Brees a necklace with a tooth from the crocodile they caught the day before and said "Hopefully it will bring you good luck for the Saints."

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