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Colts Postgame Quotes

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints ● Sunday, October 23, 2011


(On what you tell the team after a loss like that) "You just tell them the truth. We didn't play well. The team played better than we did in every area. We just got whooped all across the board. You just have to face the facts. They did a great job. They only had four incompletions the whole night. They ran for 233 yards. They converted almost all of the third downs. Obviously, when we turn the ball over, particularly early on against a team like that, a very good team … it gives them a jump-start. It's going to be very, very tough to come back from. They just kept rolling. Nine consecutive drives they scored on. We just didn't do a good job all across the board.

(On how the team was so flat tonight) "It's one of those things that once you don't do the little things right, there is a lot of bad things that happen to you. Obviously, I have to take responsibility for our team and the way that they played. We just didn't play well. The first game (of the year) was probably that way. In between, we fought and at least had a chance in the ball game. This one was obviously over with before long."

(On if he was pleased with the effort) "I think the guys fought. We didn't execute well, but I think the effort was good."

(On what he expected from his secondary tonight) "We anticipated that we would be able to cover well enough to slow them down a little bit and get a little bit of pressure from our defense up front. He (Drew Brees) literally, did pretty much what he wanted to … They ran the ball. If you don't make them one-dimensional, that team is tough to handle. If they can run it and throw it on you, it's going to be difficult. He's (Brees) going to get some on you, in terms of the pass game. You know that. You just can't let both phases get away from you."

(On a positive from tonight) "The only thing we were able to do is keep (Darren) Sproles in check somewhat, just in terms of the kicking game."



"We just didn't play well tonight. We made way too many mistakes and it started early with the first turnover. Anytime you play a team as good as them they are going to make you pay."

(on first turnover) "Obviously the play didn't go off as planned. It was a case of miscommunication. It's just one of those little things that needs to get fixed.

"It's hard to say this game was a step back for us. Obviously we need to work on some things. We are just going to have to keep working to get it straight. But it's hard for me to stay if we are stepping back."


"This is not how we play the game. I mean we come out here and work hard and try to win the game. Honestly I don't think we showed up to play. Our mindset could have been a whole lot better."


"This loss sums up the season so far.  We aren't proud of what happened out there tonight."


"We just can't do that. I mean, 62 points against us? That's embarrassing. You can call it what you want. We just have to go back to work tomorrow."

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