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Chip Vaughn Talks About Joining the Saints

    <span style="">New Orleans Saints S Malcolm Jenkins/Chip Vaughn.aspx">Chip Vaughn  

4th Round Draft Choice

Click here to listen to a Windows Media file of Malcolm Jenkins/Chip Vaughn.aspx">Chip Vaughn's conference call with the Saints' media.

How does it feel to have a college teammate coming with you to your new NFL team?

"It feels great. It's fantastic. It's something that I kind of had a feeling that it would happen with either me and AC (Aaron Curry) or me and Stan (Stanley Arnoux) on a team. I felt that one of us was bound to end up on the same team. It just feels great."

What was your phone conversation with Stanley after you both were picked like?

"Both of us were all geeked up and started laughing because we couldn't really believe what had just happened. It was a very joyous conversation. It's something that finally happened and we're just ready to go down there and get to work."

What do you think your primary attributes are that attracted the Saints to you?

"I'd say it's my versatility. I played free safety and strong safety and I can play corner in red zone situations if need be. I feel like I was the total package to them."

Coach Payton said they're projecting you as a free safety. Are you comfortable at that position?

"I am. I feel that I am just a safety. I'm not a free safety or a strong safety."

What conversations did you have with the Saints prior to the draft?

"I hadn't really talked to the Saints at all. I met with them at the Senior Bowl but beside that I hadn't really had any contact. No workouts, no contact, no visits. When I got the phone call from the Saints, I was shocked."

We have you listed at 6-2, 221 and running a 4.42 40. Is that correct?

"Yes sir it is. I had run a 4.36 but that's all good."

Did you run the 4.36 at the Combine?

"Yes I did. Some teams had me running between 4.36 and 4.39 as my fastest time and being the fastest safety up there."

Stanley said that the Saints got one of the best safeties in the draft. What do you have to say about your college teammate? What kind of player did the Saints get?

"The Saints got a player that is one of the most consistent and reliable players that I have ever had the pleasure of being on the same team with. Stanley is accountable as he plays. He's always in the right spot, always knows what going on. The Saints got a steal with Stan. Stan is a great player."

There have been so many Wake Forest defenders taken in this draft. Did it make you a better player playing with them the last few years?

"We all bring our own games to the field. Alphonso (Smith) brings his game, AC (Aaron Curry) brings his game, Stan brings his game and me. When you play with great players like that, it makes your game better because you don't want to be that weak link out there. Playing with those guys for the past four or five years has helped me tremendously."

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