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Catching Up with the Quarterback

    <span>              <span style="">How did you feel about the minicamp?</span>                

Drew Brees: "Everything looked great. We're still early in the install, so this is just our basic stuff and we're trying to get comfortable with it again for the guys that have been here, and trying to teach it to the young guys who are new. Overall, I think the energy has been great. It's been competitive. There are a lot of guys fighting for positions out there, and that's what you want this time of year."

How do you think Deuce McAllister is doing compared to this point two years ago?

Drew Brees: "I think he looked as good today as he has any time during this time of the year over the past two offseasons that I've seen him. Right when I got here in '06 he was coming back from that ACL surgery. Last year he was coming off of a healthy season. With this year probably being one of the more trying offseasons for him with the other knee and that overall mindset – it's tough going straight from the season to rehabilitation. You feel like you never get a break. But I know he's been working extremely hard and you've got to hand it to him. He's a competitor and he has a tremendous amount of heart. He's a big part of this team and we hope that he's able to come back and be as good as ever."

Can you gauge Robert Meachem's progression?

Drew Brees: "Meachem last year was banged up for a majority of the season. That knee wasn't quite healthy and we could tell and he knew it. I think coming into this year, he's had an opportunity to get it healthy and I think his explosiveness is at a level of what we saw when we drafted him. His comfort level in the offense and with his coach and with his other receivers is up, and I think he has a role within that corps and just continue to get better and continue to study and know what to do. Obviously we're going to take what he does best and try to utilize that."

Coach Payton has said that he's been impressed with the offseason Jammal Brown has had. Have you noticed anything different about Jammal?

Drew Brees: "Physically, I've noticed that he's gotten a lot bigger and stronger. I think what that does for him mentally is that it helps him gain more confidence. Jammal is a guy who has played at a high level – he was a starter in the Pro Bowl two years ago, let's not forget that. We know what type of player he can be and he's at the point of his career where he's kind of ready to take that next step and I feel like he's ready for that."

What are your expectations for Marques Colston now that he's entering his third year?

Drew Brees: "High. Marques is a big part of what we do and I have a great relationship with him. The last two years he's made a lot of great plays and he has continued to develop. I think he plays a big role, so we will continue to work on the things together that make it where it's just like ESP out there with he and I. I'm really excited for Marques; I think this is a great opportunity for him."

What have been your impressions of Adrian Arrington?

Drew Brees: "He's been impressive. He's a young guy so the offense has his head swimming a little bit and that's pretty normal, but as far as what he does when he knows what he's doing, he's playing confidently and catching the ball, getting upfield and making plays after the catch. He's a pretty good talent. It's kind of like when Marques came in as a seventh-round pick two years ago. If you would have asked me in minicamp about Marques, I might not have known if he would've made the team or not. It wasn't until training camp when all of a sudden, the window just kind of opened for him and he started to understand what he was doing and played confidently and it all started to happen for him. I wouldn't be surprised if for some of these young guys that some of the same things start happening for them once they start knowing what to do and play confidently. The sky is the limit for some of them."

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