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Catching Up with Reggie Bush

We look back at running back Reggie Bush's years in uniform and team memories with the New Orleans Saints.
We look back at running back Reggie Bush's years in uniform and team memories with the New Orleans Saints.
    <span style="">            Can you talk about Marques Colston's injury and how it may impact the team?

Bush: "Obviously you hate to have situations like that, especially with a guy who has been such an impact player for us. All we can do is hope for the best from him; hope he has a speedy recovery. Football goes on and we have to continue to focus on this game against the Redskins." Does it change anything that you guys do offensively?

Bush: "I don't think so. I think we're still going to do the same things, run the same plays. His presence won't be out there. I think it's a huge blow for us because he's a huge presence out there. Team's have to be aware of him at all times, because he is a playmaker. I don't think it's going to change anything for us as far as what plays we're running. It's just not having that extra impact player out there that will hurt." Do you think combined with his injury and your quick start, people are going to focus on you more?

Bush: "I don't know. We'll have to see what happens. I know with him going out there, they definitely have to look and be aware. We'll see what happens, but I know first, we're not going to change anything. We're just going to have to go on without him." Can you talk about the run defense of Washington?

Bush: "They have London Fletcher, who's stout, small, and he's fast. He's one of the fastest linebackers probably in the league. You have to be aware of their two outside linebackers, who are bigger, stronger guys. They have a pretty good run defense, not to mention that they have Jason Taylor on the outside, who's obviously a Pro Bowler, so you have to be aware of some of the guys you have on defense. They have a good team, a good solid team. If you fall asleep on them, they'll hurt you. It happened to us two years ago when we played them in New Orleans. They beat us up pretty good. This team definitely has a good group of veterans that we have to deal with. We have to come out and play smart and fast and get off to a good start."  Has the game against Washington two years ago left a bad taste in your mouth?

Bush: No, just because that's the last time we played them and we can use that as just as far as watching film and how they played us. I think that's why guys still mention it. I don't think it leaves a sour taste in guys' mouth. That was two years ago. This is a new year. I'm pretty sure they feel the same, but we do know this team has a good group of veterans and you can't fall asleep on them. You have to come right out and hit them in the mouth and make it a physical game, starting off fast. Are they feeling some pressure since they lost their first game?

Bush: "Not to mention that there is extra incentive for them to get this win, do everything they can, get the crowd hyped up and into the game. We have to do our best to keep them out of it, making plays, whatever plays they make and eliminate the big plays, because that's obviously going to give them a lot of momentum." What happened on your first punt return the other day?

Bush: "I just misjudged it. I ran up on it too fast. I was looking at the coverage and when I looked down for a split second the ball went over my head." "After the game you said the big plays were nice but you were trying to stay focused on taking what was there. Is that more your philosophy than the first two years?

Bush: "I don't want to just focus on making big plays, 60 yards runs every game. Of course that's not going to come every game. That's like home runs in a baseball game. You're not going to get a home run every game, but you'll get a few base hits, RBI's. I want to focus on keeping the drive alive, keeping my team in the game and having the opportunity to make a play, whether it is a 60-yard run, a huge third down conversion or a big play. That's what I really want to focus on." What do you think of the Ohio State-USC match up?

Bush: "We're going to crush Ohio State."

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