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Catching Up with QB Mark Brunell

    <span>              <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Questions and Answers with Quarterback Mark Brunell</span>                  
            <span style="">After the morning practice, Mark Brunell took some time to talk about life as a veteran with the Saints.</span>                
            <span style="">Q. What do you think of the Saint's offensive system and how does it compare to any of the other systems that you have played in during your years in Green Bay, Jacksonville, and Washington? </span>                 

A. This system is actually very similar to what I was doing in Green Bay with the West Coast Offense. I think it's very Quarterback-friendly. You have to be on your toes and be real sharp, make good decisions, be accurate, but more similar to the West Coast system from Sean's (Payton) background.

Q. Early on in your career you spent nine seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tom Coughlin. What was it that Coach Coughlin taught you, that enabled you to be so successful throughout your career?

A. First of all, he's a great person and great coach. He really emphasizes working hard and putting 100% into everything that you do. At the quarterback position, you really have to put in the time to study, to be ready mentally and physically. He's just a good coach, and really taught me about what it takes to be a professional.

Q. What advice do you have for Drew Brees and Tyler Palko?

A. You know enjoy it, it goes by fast. Compared to me, those guys are very young. They need to just enjoy every minute of it. As tough as camp might be, enjoy coming out to work with the guys and be apart of something real special.

Q. What are some intangibles that you as a veteran can bring to this team?

A. The leadership. I try to be very positive. Over the course of the season there's going to be a lot of tough games and tough plays. I just try to help a lot of the guys to keep things in prospective. We're going to go through some difficult times as a team, but if we stick together, stay positive and work hard, then good things will come.

Q. How much did it help you as a Quarterback, to play both Quarterback and Safety in high school?

A. I was a good quarterback, but a terrible safety. We were just short on numbers, so I had to go back there. They didn't want me coming up and stopping the run, that's for sure, but maybe just try to pick off a pass or two. I didn't really know what I was doing at safety, but fortunately I had another position to fall back on.

Q. Can you tell us about the Brunell Family Foundation?

A. We're a foundation that's been around since 1997, it started out with the intent to help children with chronically ill diseases, just going through a tough time physically. It's been great. We have raised a lot of money to give to worthy causes.

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