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Cameron Jordan named Landry's Community Player of the Week

By Connor Tarter

Photos of Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan's Playworks school visit to Lycee Francais School on Tuesday, August 2, 2014. New Orleans Saints photos.

Jordan frequently participates in community outreach events and strives to be a positive role model for children. Jordan has spoken to children about the importance of reading at a number of schools through the Rotolo's Literacy Visit Series and other events. Jordan admires and emulates the energy of children at these events when he's on the field.

"You see the abundance of energy that they have? They never stop going? That's what you have to translate, take it back to the field," Jordan said.

Jordan also participated in the ACME Safe Driving visit last month. The event was aimed at promoting safe driving practices to high school students and other young drivers in the community.

Both on and off the field, Cameron Jordan will continue to be an exemplary part of the New Orleans Saints.

Congratulations to Cameron Jordan, Landry's Player of the Week!

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