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Bush Fresh Against Texans

RB talks about joint practices

Following Wednesday's first practice with the Houston Texans, Saints RB Reggie Bush talked with the media about the intensity of the first practice as well as building on the success of last season. Below is a transcript of the meeting.

Q: It seems like today's practice wasn't as physical as the Saints-Texans joint practices of the past. Would you agree?"You are right. It wasn't as physical as it has normally been over the past few years. We will see. This afternoon we are not in shoulder pads. I don't know about this afternoon but maybe tomorrow morning. You are right. The tempo today wasn't as physical as it usually is."

Q: Texans QB Matt Schaub said you guys have started to develop a rivalry – would you agree?"I think so. In a funny kind of a way, it has kind of turned in a rivalry. We were talking earlier about how the tempo wasn't as physical as it usually is when we practice against them. We will see what happens later on."

Q: Is that because today wasn't as hot as practice has been during training camp? "It could be the lack of heat (laughter). The heat usually gets guys irritated and feisty."

Q: Were you talking to Danny Clark? "Yeah, Danny was here a few years ago (2006-07) and he is a great guy. I am definitely pulling for him. He is a great athlete and I am one of his fans."

Q: How do you think today's joint practice went? "I think it gave us a chance to see different looks and a different defense for us. (Texans' defense) is solid every year. Every time we play against them they are solid. They do a great job at stopping the run. All in all, it gives us a chance to compete against a different team. It gives us some different looks and gives guys a chance to compete who are trying to make the team."

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