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Buccaneers player postgame interviews after the Saints game

Transcripts of Buccaneers players from postgame media availability




 "It is a huge win for our entire organization. Last year we only had two wins, so with this one we are halfway there already. So today was very important – to get a victory, on the road, in the division. It is huge for us."

On rebounding from last week:

 "It really wasn't that tough – trying to bounce back from last week. I knew there wasn't anything we could do about last week, as all we could do is look to this week. Last week was behind us. We fought hard and now have this one in the books and we now will look forward to next week."

On whether he changed his approach from Week one to Week two:

"I did not approach this week any different at all. I sought out and asked the veterans about it and they told me to only focus on this week and this game. And now we have to look forward to next week – against Houston, a great team, on the road – another road game. So it's definitely a confidence booster for us to come in here and win in a tough place and try and win back to back games on the road."

On the fourth quarter:

"I was talking to all of our guys telling them, 'this game is not over' because it wasn't. All of us have to stay focused and finish the game and that's what we did. I can't be prouder of our teammates than I am right now." 


"I told you guys during the week we have a lot of confidence in this locker room. All we had to do was line up and move the football and you saw that today. When our entire offense line opens up holes and pushes the line of scrimmage forward, it's then up to us as running backs to move the football and move the chains and that's what happened out there today."

"We overcame a lot today. Our team showed a lot of poise. Beside the crowd noise, the penalties, the turnovers we had, injuries, them (Saints) coming back, we bounced back and overcame the adversity and won a huge road game against a divisional opponent. The bottom line is that we won – that is all that matters." 


On touchdown reception:

"We studied a lot of film this week and Jameis (Winston) read it perfectly. That's a tough defensive play for them because the defender has his back to the quarterback the whole time. Jameis has studied that route since he's been here, and we executed it perfectly. He put it up high and all I had to do was go up there and get it."

On Jameis Winston's performance:

"He is learning each and every week. That is what happens in this league. But his attitude is great and he doesn't get down on himself, even after what happened last week. And then in the game today, there were a lot of highs and lows out there, but he doesn't let it get to him. It's a lot of fun playing with that guy. Every time he gets into that huddle he just brings that positive energy to all of us." 


"I think all of the Buc fans should be real excited. I know the fans down there are proud of what we were able to accomplish today. We came out and put a lot of pressure on (Drew) Brees and mixed it up and that set the tone for the entire game. It was a huge division win for us and I can't be more proud of my teammates." 


On pass rush:

 "We put a lot of pressure on him (Brees) today because our coverage defense was so good. Working together, the coverage we had made him hold the ball a lot more than he wanted to. And when that happens we have to do our job and that's what we did today."

On atmosphere in locker room:

"Being in a locker room like this right now, especially after last week, is great. A happy locker room is better than a sad locker room. It's a great feeling because we worked hard and prepared and worked so hard to bounce back after what happened to us last week. So now we have to look forward to a happy ride home and get ready for next week." 


 "We came out here knowing last week was not who we are. And today we all played together, as a complete defensive unit, and showed everyone a glimpse of what we can be."

On what Bucs saw from Saints:

"No, they (Saints) didn't show us anything different from what they've shown us in the past. They did what they do, and we did what we did – and that was pressuring the quarterback and letting the teammates behind us to make plays." 


On forced fumble late in fourth quarter:

 "All I tried to do was make a play and make a solid tackle. I hit him (Saints RB Mark Ingram) low and noticed the ball pop out. And then fortunately for us, Henry (Melton) made a great play of covering it before it went out of bounds. It was all 11 guys working together on a play like that – a big turnover - to help us win this game."

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