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Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians, quarterback Jameis Winston talk about loss to Saints

Winston: 'They did a good job playing defense'

Check out the game action between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 5 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Opening statement from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians:

"Obviously, disappointed with the outcome. I think the game came down to third down. Our inability to get off the field, and our inability to stay on the field. A little better pass protection for us offensively to get into the more manageable third downs. Defensively, we just have to make plays and I think we didn't make them. "

On Michael Thomas's performance:

"It was both man and zone. We just did a poor poor job covering him. He is a big, physical guy, and we know he is going to push off. We just need to be more physical than him."

On the challenged pass interference:

"If that is not it, I do not know what the hell is. A two-hand shove and knocked the guy backwards. They said they were hand fighting. Yeah, they were hand-fighting, but that doesn't knock the guy backwards."

On the challenged fumble recovery:

"It looked pretty good, didn't it?" What did the refs tell you? "Just like they said. That it was not a clear recovery. Baffling."

On Mike Evans' performance:

"It was a poor job on our part. We moved him around not enough. Rolling to him, doing things that we have seen. Sure, we got the ball to him at the end. Twice he was open and we got sacked. We just have to do a better job at moving him around."

On the end of the first half and beginning of the second half:

"Yeah, any time you get a two scores like that, it is going to be huge. We talked about it at halftime. This is the third time we have come out at halftime on defense, and failed to get them off the field. It is a trend. Maybe I'll start deferring. We'll see. We've been doing pretty well with the ball starting games. I like that. Defensively, we just are not answering the bell coming out of halftime."

On Devin White not playing:

"He just was not ready. He is too great of a young player to put out there, not ready. He has too good of a future."

On losing Carlton Davis and back end depth covering Saints WRs:

"We were not today. We have been at times. But still are too soft, we are too soft. I do not know how else to put it. When we are press man, we have some guys getting after it, we have some guys that are just off."

On the lack of defensive pressure on Bridgewater:

"I think that is a huge part of it. We were close a couple times and we let him get out."

On being frustrated with the officiating:

"No, they blew the call. Simple. It was a clear recovery on the fumble. Luckily, we get a ball to bounce and get an interception and score off of it. He came running out of the pile with it, and they knew it before going to replay. It is all coming from New York."

On distributing the ball early in the game:

"We knew Scotty (Miller) was going to get one-on-one. We just have to trust him he was going to win. I think it was a feeling out process of, do I really trust this guy yet? He has not caught a pass yet. It looked like it when we were throwing him the ball, and then all of a suddenly it was like, I trust him now. It was too late. The big thing was third down. Those guys get balls and we move the chains."

On the NFL being a week-to-week league:

"It is just a longer home game. Go back and watch the film like we always do and go to work on Wednesday. Jump on a plane and go to London and Carolina is playing really well right now with Kyle Allen playing quarterback. It will be a challenge."

On Teddy Bridgewater:

"I have always liked Teddy. Teddy is a good, solid player and he should be a starter in the league."

Quarterback Jameis Winston:

"We tried to execute, that's it. They did a good job playing defense."

*On defensive coverage of Mike Evans: *"We've just got to try and find a way. We know teams are going to do this to him. Hopefully we can find a way, and we will."

On Chris Godwin:

"He's just a great player. He works hard and has tenacity. He's relentless. It is easy to have a good relationship with him. When they're doubling Mike [Evans], they're leaving him one-on-one with somebody, so he's been making big plays for us."

On the defensive coverage of Mike Evans:

"They just clouded to his side. Every time he was in singles, he was getting a cloud. Every time he was to the field he was in a cloud. Every time he was in the slot it resulted in them doubling him in the slot. We have got to try and find a way to get him open, and we will."

On offensive rhythm:

"We just can't go three-and-out. We've got to execute on third down. It is what it is. We fought hard. I think we ran the football effectively. They gave us a lot of different looks that we haven't seen on third down. We've just got to be ready for whatever. When we're preparing for the future, we've got to focus on us. We've got to make sure that were fine and not worry about them.

"We've got to focus on us and be the best us and try not to worry about the opponent. We've got to be best at what we do. If we can be good at what we do, then we'll win football games."

"I believe we handled the noise really good. I felt like they had a really quick clock. On that delay of game penalty, it felt like the clock got down really fast. We picked up our tempo there. We used a time out and got the play off and converted. It was a great environment to play in. They just came out and played really good football. They are in their home stadium and got the fans into it. We have to counter that and play good football back. We had some good spurts, but honestly, we didn't play good enough to win this game.

"Scotty (Miller) is definitely going to have to step up. I think he's ready. We have to continue to build that rapport and that chemistry with Mike and Chris. The more reps that he's able to get the better he is going to be. I'm excited for him because he's really a talented player. I can't wait for him to get in his groove. Well get a great connection and I'll get the football to him."

"It means a lot. I've got that faith in all my targets; O.J. (Howard) and Cameron (Brate) are great. But Chris Godwin, when they keep leaving him open, and he finds a way to get open, he catches the ball when it comes his way. I know we'll find other ways to get mike the ball, but Chris does a good job stepping up in times that we need him. We have to continue to help him do that and help Mike out and get him in some good situations.".