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Brandin Cooks' top 2014 plays

A look at Brandin Cooks' top plays from training camp to the regular season

Drew Brees to Brandin Cooks for 40 yds vs 49ers


Drew Brees' 31-yard touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks**

Brandin Cooks' 4-yard TD run against the Packers

Brandin Cooks' tip catch vs Packers

Brandin Cooks' 50-yard TD reception vs Packers

Brandin Cooks' 28-yard run vs Cleveland Browns

Brandin Cooks' first NFL touchdown

Brandin Cooks up a 25-yard touchdown against the St. Louis Rams

Brandin Cooks jukes into open space

Play of the Day: Brandin Cooks races down field

Play of the Day: Brandin Cooks' deep catch

Play of the Day: Brandin Cooks' Leaping Catch



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