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Boston Scott on being drafted by the Saints: 'We've always been Saints fans'

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New Orleans Saints Running Back Boston Scott

Conference Call With New Orleans Media

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Did you grow up a Saints fan?

"Yes, my mom was a crazy Saints fan. We always watched Saints growing up. We never been to a Saints game but we've always been Saints fans."

What is it about playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as a collegian that seems to be so good for you?

"The atmosphere's just electric, just being at home and being able to represent, at the time Louisiana Tech, being so close to home. The atmosphere there, it's just amazing. I never really got a chance to play there in high school, got a chance to a college. This is going to be an incredible opportunity."

How much contact did you have with the Saints leading up to the draft?

"Actually a good a good bit. They started to contact me a little more — more toward the end. But it was it was very constant I would say out of all the teams, I was getting some interest from the Bengals, got some interest from the Rams but the Saints also were contacting me pretty consistently. So they ended up working me out, came down to Baton Rouge and from there I was I was expecting the catch punch (drill) because that's what the coach was saying at the time but then they ran me through the gauntlets. They had me doing bag drills, ran me through catching the balls, pass protection. All that good stuff and it was for good reason."

Do you have experienced catching punts or returning punts?

"Oh yeah. I fielded all the punts. I knew I knew if I went on to league the way that I would get on and start contributing immediately was through special teams, whether that's running downfield on punt returns to returning punts, returning kicks. And I just wanted to make sure that I had whenever I received my opportunity I was to be the best equipped to do that. And I did not field punts in the games but, I would always field punts before practice, during practice. I was always back there because I knew that's the way that I would make my way onto a team."

Did you think you'd get drafted?

"I believe it man. I truly, truly did. I know what I bring to the table, you know. I know what I can contribute to a team and I believed in myself. I believe in what I'm capable of and I had a great support group around me that all believed in me. And I knew--and it didn't matter to me (where I went in the draft). It doesn't matter that I've gone (in the sixth round). It's like it's a blessing that I've gone where I'm at. But regardless I knew whatever opportunity I was going to get I was going to make the most of it."

Got to ask you about I guess the elephant in the room is you're a bit undersized for running back just how is that you know affect your career and your attitude?

"I mean it hadn't really affected my attitude. I would just say, go look at the film. I'm making guys miss. I'm running over guys, you know. I can use my size to my advantage. But at the end of the day it comes down to, as a running back when you learn the game and learn how to manipulate defenses, then you can actually use your height to your advantage. So I plan on putting that on display when I get the opportunity."

What do you think about joining a backfield that had two running backs put up 1,500 yards from scrimmage for the first time in NFL history?

"I think it's amazing. I can't wait to get in and meet those guys especially Alvin Kamara with knowing his story that he was a backup and kind of able to relate to him in that light and just being able to learn from them and compete with them because they love it. They go get it. You see the brotherhood. I see how close they are. I'm all about those things. I am excited about getting into that room and learning from those guys and just being able to suit up next to them."

How tough was it in college to be a backup for a while?

"You know it was a learning experience. You know you could take that one or two ways. You can take that negatively and just say oh they're messing over me or I'm not getting the playing time I believe I deserve. Or you could take it as what are you going to do with those opportunities whenever you are given those opportunities. And that's one thing that I held close my heart because it transfers to the NFL. At the end of the day, it is a business. And it's not about how many opportunities you get it's about what you do with the opportunity that you do get. So it's taught me. It's been a learning experience and it made me better. It's made me a better man."

How often do people compare you to Darren Sproles?

"Pretty often, actually a lot of teams that would call me up would compare me to Sproles. So I think that, Darren Sproles I watched him. I watched his tape from Kansas State, watched his highlights, obviously with the Saints, the Eagles and the Chargers. I watched a lot of his game and I have a lot a lot of respect for him and I'm humbled that people would make that comparison because that's a whole lot of production."

Who recruited you out of high school and how did you end up in Louisiana Tech?

"I came into Louisiana Tech as a preferred walk-on. I didn't have any offers coming out of high school. But Coach Sloan and Coach Luke were the ones that reached out to me and brought me in as a freshmen or walk on to start camp. And from there, you know, I had to earn my way."

Did you visit any other schools or consider any other walk-on opportunities?

"I mean not really. At the time I knew that was going to walk on to this team and contribute to this team. But I was focusing on academics as well as well as football. And when I wanted to go into at the time which is engineering, Louisiana Tech was the best place for me so I was pretty set on Louisiana Tech."

You talked about your return abilities? Did you play any other special teams roles at Louisiana Tech?

"Yes. I would get out of that punt (coverage). I would cover a couple of kicks. So I am--wherever they need me, that's where I'm going to be."

I have ever met someone with your first name. Do you know why your parents chose that? You know why your parents chose Boston as your first name?

"Yes. People expect some crazy story but my great-great grandfather's nickname was Boston and he was some mathematician at the time that was pretty well-known and my dad liked his nickname and decided to name me that."

Where did your great-great grandfather live?

"I'm not sure. That's a great question and I have no idea. But that's just that's the story that my dad told me."

And your bio at Louisiana Tech says that you played in a band?

"Yes sir. Yes absolutely. I have a lot of musicians in my family. My grandma played the keys, she's always singing at church. My dad played the piano before his stroke. My aunt is very musically talented, she plays a bunch of instruments. Then my little sister she also sings and she's in theater at LSU right now. But yeah I was in band. I actually almost missed my senior year in high school. The band we had a banquet and I got most valuable musician, so that's pretty cool. But yeah I played trombone, baritone and I taught myself a couple of others."

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